Not going to give them the traffic, so here it is. The originator, Daniel Meers, is being taken to task on Twitter by Robbie McEwen etc.

MEERS: Time to curb pedal power

THE time has come to declare war on cyclists.

They should be forced to register their bicycles, have insurance and be subject to breath tests.

Book them when they hog half the road and motorists can't get past. Book them when they cut motorists off at roundabouts. Book them if they are outside the bike lanes and book them for having a pack mentality.

Enough is enough. They are running the roads and it is downright dangerous.

Police and the State Government love giving themselves pats on the back for statewide traffic operations. Stopping speeding and drink-driving and lowering the road toll, but nobody ever mentions a word about cyclists.

They are a law unto themselves and they know it.

Their arrogance on the road can't even be measured.

As a journalist, I often get asked what politicians, sports stars and celebrities are "really like".

Nobody, I repeat, nobody shares the arrogance that cyclists have.

Each morning I go running. OK, some of the power walkers overtake me running, but I still run.

I meet a friend at her place every morning which is about a 3km drive from my home.

It takes me a good five minutes to get there.


Because at 5am the streets of Broadbeach and Surfers Paradise are filled with cyclists. They ride in packs, big packs of 20 and they take up the whole road in their lycra gear.

I'm stuck sitting on 30km while they ride.

They know I'm behind them, yet they make no attempt to move.

A couple of times you consider passing them, but it's too risky.

If I was to knock one over it would be my fault.

Why do they do it?

Because they damn well can.

Authorities let it happen.

The two-wheeled, arrogant, lycra-clad people look at motorists as if they are invading their territory. It's plain wrong.

There's a rogue peloton of cyclists abusing fellow road users and screaming to wake sleeping residents as it barrels through Surfers Paradise every morning at 5.

Woken residents who return fire with yells of "shadup!" are subjected to tirades of abuse from riders as they blast along narrow Garfield Terrace.

"It's like something out of Lord of the Flies," said one resident.

The above story is a daily occurrence on our streets and nobody seems to care.

Police need to start cycling operations. Make them too scared to do anything wrong.

Now, the cyclists will argue there aren't enough bike lanes on the Gold Coast. Council and government don't provide them with the facilities to ride.

There's a reason for that -- you wouldn't use them anyway.

It would be a waste of money building more cycling lanes because cyclists think they should be running the roads.

If the police did their job and cracked down on the cyclists for a while motorists might get the roads back to themselves; after all, they were invented for cars.

Bicycles are just as big a danger to road safety as some of the other driving crimes which contribute to serious accidents.

Driving on a busy road trying to dodge cyclists when cars are coming in the opposite direction is one of the most dangerous things you could do on a road.

Yet police do nothing about it. Start an operation and if it doesn't work, ban bikes full stop.

Enough is enough. Motorists need to start manning up and being vocal about the issue.

Roads are for cars, not bikes.

Make some noise people, win the roads back before something really bad happens.

And believe me, it will.

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Another reason to not go to that shit hole.

 Daniel Meers is clearly someone who's not afraid to expose their laziness, stupidity and ignorance.

Yes, last week he reckoned that they should scrap the Gold Coast light rail system and use the money to build more roads. This in a gridlocked city with an abysmal public transport system. He is a knob.

Good to read so many informed comments

I loved these:


Ivan Von Dork Posted  At 2:53pm today
Oh Daniel! How much do I agree with you!I can't stand cyclists. I'm obese and one of my favourite things in the world to do is to eat while I'm driving. I've worked for years to get to a point where I can unpack 3 hamburgers and two thickshakes at a time while I'm behind the wheel and nothing frustrates me more in the entire world than to have to watch out for selfish inconsiderate cyclists while I'm trying to look down and eat while I'm driving! They can't think of anyone but themselves!




westy Posted  At 2:52pm today
Is it not more arrogant to expect several groups of 20+ people, who are using the road legally, to immediately move out of the way for a single person who is DRIVING to their 3km jog?


Would like to buy Ivan another hamburger for his efforts!

Yes. I thought Ivan deserved an award for cynical bastard of the week - loved it.

Brilliant, another neanderthal with an internet connection and journalistic ambitions spreading his invective to the rest of the brains trust. Depressing beyond words.

Is the last 2 lines a veiled threat by a licensed user of a known killing device?

Does BNSW ever do stuff like that? Seems like an obvious thing to do for that sort of organisation.

Very impressed with that response.

I've challenged him on twitter to come riding with me to see who breaks more laws... not expecting a reply :)


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