Bicycle Network (I know, I know) is saying George St will be closed to cyclists after the light rail is running.

The document they cite (from 2016 Arup report) does say in section 4.1.1, "informal cycle connection will no longer be available" between Hunter and Bathurst. But it also says they "won't physically exclude cyclists from the LR alignment".

Not sure what that all means, but wouldn't put it past the State Govt to actually ban cyclists on George and also Devonshire Sts. They repeatedly cite safety concerns on tram tracks for not encouraging bike use on these streets.

At least BNSW put in a strong or at least lengthy critique of the LR project as it affects cyclists, see the Appendix.

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Let cyclists clear the way!

anyone know where the latest plans can be found?

The concept docs at are amusing.  Cyclist in every street shot, without a helmet.

Plans of the layout of the light rail at

I guess the full plans and conditions of consent etc are on the NSW Planning website.

Those "vision" images do highlight that once the cafe tables and trees and smart poles go in there won't be much space left for Peds or Cycs. But depending on time of day should be some opportunities for cycling. There is usually a lull in activity about 11 am and again at 2 pm I find.
Dutch plan to restrict cycling on a pedestrianised canal area put on hold. Like Bicycle Dutch id day only ban cycling if there is a demonstrated problem.

Couple of blocks, King to Park, open ?

With a new look, Sydney's George Street starts to open to pedestrians & cyclists ?

We had better flood into the area to claim it for the good guys, careful of those wheel trappers

Yes, I think it is quite rideable and access is to be seized back at once!

I daresay the determinant in practice will be around the numbers of pedestrians about.

Ride the White Line- worlds skinniest bike lane? And mind the pigeons.

Also, is that green arch really a bicycle wheel, or am I just seeing bicycles in everything?

Apparently the trams are not compatible with the existing pyrmont tram line

Well how come they are building a huge maintenance facility at Lilyfield for them?

Oh, I see, sorta,  in first para it says "trams carrying passengers " won't be able to switch. Trains without passengers will I guess, to get to the maintenance yard. 

Wondered down , on foot , today, there is so much clutter and assorted street furniture that there seems to be less space than when the cars dominated the space, the footpath area is no bigger and with coal train sized trams thundering through its not going to be the nice European inspired plaza we hoped for, trust nsw inc to stuff it up


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