Bicycle Network (I know, I know) is saying George St will be closed to cyclists after the light rail is running.

The document they cite (from 2016 Arup report) does say in section 4.1.1, "informal cycle connection will no longer be available" between Hunter and Bathurst. But it also says they "won't physically exclude cyclists from the LR alignment".

Not sure what that all means, but wouldn't put it past the State Govt to actually ban cyclists on George and also Devonshire Sts. They repeatedly cite safety concerns on tram tracks for not encouraging bike use on these streets.

At least BNSW put in a strong or at least lengthy critique of the LR project as it affects cyclists, see the Appendix.

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I work on George within this section.  The commune thus ends and starts under the Christmas arch.  No problems at all although the pedestrians are venturing more confidently into the space over the week it has been open.

The festive arched take up space at their base but this is temporary I assume. The passive security is evident and easily navigated.

The same report states

”There is a perceived safety risk with cyclists riding along the track alignment as an interaction between the track and bike tyres can lead to cyclists getting stuck in the track. In the event a cyclist falls over and a light rail vehicle is approaching from either side, there is high risk of an incident. North-south corridors around George Street could provide alternative routes. Cycle routes crossing George Street would be maintained.”

The understanding I have of the report is that a new pedestrianised zone does have no formal Bicycle Thoroughfare. However the report does nit advocate a ban, just highlights the safety issue.

We will discuss this at Bicycle NSW Advocacy Council and I will propose we advocate for formal treatment of bicycles through the pedestrianised zone, as we will do for Parramatta Light Rail project in Parramatta CBD.

Darryn Capes-Davis

Chair, Bicycle NSW Advocacy Council

Not clear what you mean by "formal treatment"? A marked bike lane? Or maybe a shared zone like Pitt St Mall, tho maybe trams aren't included in definition of a shared zone. Cyclists are allowed to ride in tramways, so  If nothing done to specifically exclude them they could do so- ?

I went down there the other day at lunch time and it was a frustratingly slow walk amongst the peds. Trying to cycle would have been virtually impossible.  The groove next to the track rail will trap a bike tyre, and there is a slightly raised area between the tracks which would make cycling there difficult anyway.  So, George St no good as a thoroughfare but bikes should be allowed for local destinations.

I get the 'feeling' that any cycling done on George Street won't pose a problem for pedestrians. As you say walking pace, maybe some local riders or couriers only.

Tram tracks and road bikes really don't mix well - but I am 100% pro tram so I'll teach the kids to bunny hop :)

It shows a lack of understanding by authorities that they would think that they need to regulate where you can and can't cycle in a place like that. Wonder if there are any issues with people riding bicycles on Pitt Street Mall? Most people I see riding there are just locking bikes up, or going very slowly.


I 'rode' from Ultimo to Pitt St mall on Thursday 14/12/2017 at 5.30pm. What a nightmare. Gridlocked roads and footpaths. I mostly pushed my bike as i felt  it was too hazardous to ride. I wasn't confident on filtering and I felt that it was not conducive to bike riding.

What route did you take? George St would be crook through Haymarket but there are other options.

No troubles with motor vehicles.

Still from a video going around on Twitter, shows a cyclist. Trams still in Test Mode.

I had a look at the rails. They have channels twice as wide and twice as Deep as those for regular tram tracks Overseas. It is as if the design has been done to injure and kill cyclists deliberately. Not to Mention Wheelchair riders, Scooter users and the rest.


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