Someone's erected no cycling signs in the middle of the George St cycleway at Waterloo.  The signs are at either end of the Waterloo towers section where there is a shared path.  I believe the signs went up sometime over the last week and were erected by a group of residents in the towers.  At peak hour there is now a group of residents blocking cyclists using the path and gesturing to the signs.  The signs look unofficial but they are on solid metal poles and the residents were making claims to do with conflicting jurisdiction.

Does anyone know anything more about this?

I've called the City of Sydney and they said they would send someone down to investigate.

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The signs have been put up by the Department of Housing. The issue is indeed one of conflicting jurisdiction. The short version of the story is that when the cycleway was built the Department of Housing said that it was fine to pass through the towers if the residents accepted it. There are a small, but vocal, number who do not, and who have made complaints about the path being used by cyclists over the last year or so (despite no recorded incidents to my knowledge) and so the Department has put up these signs.

The exact status of the space is a little vague as a result. On the one hand, those are not regulatory signs. On the other hand, whether this space has ever actually been a properly established shared space at all is in question, which could render the legal standing of the signs moot.

I'm not sure who you talked to at the City who said the situation required investigation. This has been a known issue for years.

Thanks for the information.  Got a call back from the council and the situation was described pretty much as you describe.  Apparently the council has had over 50 calls about this issue.

More info in this post and the following comments on the BikeSydney facebook page.

With a reply tweet from Brad Hazzard. Still waiting for a follow up...

Sad really given some housing tenants could really benefit from a cheap form of transport. Increased traffic through the area also has safety benefits. You are less likely to be, for instanced mugged in a busy area, that said a mate of mine was mugged at knife point on George st (CBD) in the middle of the day in a crowd.

Looks like a perfect ornament to souvenir.


Regardless, short of erecting an impenetrable fence, thereby excluding the tenants and their visitors who walk, it seems hard for the Department to enforce such a request.


It is a public area, so I suppose 'trespass' would be tricky. It's also paid for using our taxes.

Oh, and some background...

Tenants in the Matavai tower got letters last year.


I must say that I have distaste for public tenants being kicked out.

Yes, in the greater context it looks kind of like the Department of Housing giving the tenants this "little win" against the cycleway as a mitigation for a bunch of potentially big losses for them - "see, we aren't so bad, we listen to you, we stopped those cyclists like you wanted".

So the bigger questions for us will be around how cyclists transit the new development, and whether the units will be w/o car parking but with bike parking.


Cynical, aren't they?

yes the timing seems calculated -instead of venting against the gov & housing commission they(the powers to be) may have engineered a softer target

the only realistic way to build the path around would be to remove the street parking from around 2/3's of the housing estate

Who knows what will happen when they demolish the towers. The Matavai residents get the boot in a year from now.

Corporatised public housing under FACS these days, and it looks as if they can pretty much do as they please with profit as a legitimate objective. My guess is not only will it be high density, they may also find they can get more saleable homes in if they omit car parking. How they expect to get 10,000 houses in there I don't know, which is the number given in 'The Australian'.

I guess the end result won't be a 'gated community', thus there will have to be a network of access routes throughout. What shape that takes I don't know. Although since the guts of it will be the new Waterloo tram station they will obviously be providing access to that.


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