Someone's erected no cycling signs in the middle of the George St cycleway at Waterloo.  The signs are at either end of the Waterloo towers section where there is a shared path.  I believe the signs went up sometime over the last week and were erected by a group of residents in the towers.  At peak hour there is now a group of residents blocking cyclists using the path and gesturing to the signs.  The signs look unofficial but they are on solid metal poles and the residents were making claims to do with conflicting jurisdiction.

Does anyone know anything more about this?

I've called the City of Sydney and they said they would send someone down to investigate.

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I'll be attending the Waterloo public housing action group's committee meeting on Thursday afternoon to check with them the material I'll try handing out to cyclists next week / the week after, with the general strain of what I've said here and the concepts Polite, Safe, Legal.  They have a petition to circulate, and when handing out to cyclists using George street's reservation area I'll have a copy of their petition.

Good on you Sam. Doing some good work. Hope they are receptive.

This evening's SXR night ride carefully went around.

I'm not one for antagonism.... also, it wasn't the most direct route to the bar.


There is a meeting between some of the key cycling advocacy groups, representatives of local residents and the NSW Land and Housing Corporation, who manage the space for the State Goverment, on Friday.

Hopefully we can find a way forward that will address the concerns of the residents and allow commuters to continue to use the path.

It seems that this government thinks that wearing helmets and carrying ID makes things safer. Perhaps that could be one of the points for negotiation with the peds!

I suppose addressing the concerns of residents is the principal objective, since casualties caused by cyclists are so few. Educational outcomes in other words. And it could well be that education really is of the essence here.



I'll say that the path access is a secondary objective only, on account of the alternatives available, the impracticality of achieving exclusion/enforcement and most particularly the short future of the towers.


It's not one we have to win, and in some ways there may be political/negotiation advantages to letting the residents feel a win even if short lived and empty.


The bigger picture of course is the long term arrangements for the new station and development. It might be best to find some common objectives so that the place does not become a network of rat runs and traffic sewers.

I don't think this is a battle worth expending political capital on.

I've always felt on edge cycling through that area and there are a bunch of alternative cycle routes which are generally more pleasant.


This afternoon there was a really positive meeting between members of local BUGs, residents, Council and State Government at Waterloo Green regarding the path between Phillip and Raglan Streets connecting the George St separated cycleway.

The key message from the residents was that the people who live in these flats are all older people (no residents are below 55) and many have impairments to movement or senses that make it very difficult for them to negotiate the space when cyclists, particularly those coming down the hill from Redfern, are carrying a lot of speed. They just want to feel safe in their home. We think they have every right to.

We all agreed that thee current path has a number of issues which make it unsuitable as a shared path and the best solution to address both legitimate resident concerns while also maintaining this important link of a key commuter cycling route was to come up with a new design which included proper separation to eliminate points of potential conflict, while still providing both pedestrians and cyclists with desirable lines of travel.

Some proposals to achieve proper separation were discussed and are now going to be investigated. In the interim expect to see City of Sydney down there soon to do some education work with both residents and commuters. Obviously any implementation will take some time. Until that is in place please respect the residents and go around the towers if speed is your priority.

55 old?? Dear me.

I could never imagine being that old!


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