Someone's erected no cycling signs in the middle of the George St cycleway at Waterloo.  The signs are at either end of the Waterloo towers section where there is a shared path.  I believe the signs went up sometime over the last week and were erected by a group of residents in the towers.  At peak hour there is now a group of residents blocking cyclists using the path and gesturing to the signs.  The signs look unofficial but they are on solid metal poles and the residents were making claims to do with conflicting jurisdiction.

Does anyone know anything more about this?

I've called the City of Sydney and they said they would send someone down to investigate.

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Ahhh! The good old days! I remember ........

"they won't believe ya!"

We were talking about the changes in our long and varied lifetimes recently. One of them was that about 1/3 of the boys in our primary school used to go barefoot all year around. Presumably because their parents couldn't afford to buy them shoes! The other for special mention was the milk that had been left out in the sun to be drunk by the kids at playtime. Then there was writing on slates because paper was scarce. Then there was the bloke who came down from the mountain with 2 tablets with a set of 10 instructions carved into them to be ignored by future generations.

I suspect they are merely reflecting Housing allocations policy.   This must be a housing for over 55s and therefore be configured for adaptable housing, no stairs that sort of thing.  The intention is, as much as possible, to let people "age in place." 


Though, for clarification I might just add that yes, Martin, you are old.

Somewhat twisted in a way: I am an old cyclist then; while considered a terribly hazardous threat to people younger than I.

Though for some others ageing in place might mean getting a wider, softer saddle, bigger cassette and raising the handlebars a few centimetres. Some social facilities encourage people to see themselves as older and while everyone isn't lucky enough to escape limitations of ageing, illness or injury other silly old buggers continue to do silly things. I note that the average and medium ages of Australian Paris-Brest-Paris 2015 (1,200 kms in 90 hours) participants was 53 with a range up to 74. I am hoping to become that silly too.

I met with a housing action group who were onside with not picking a stupid fight for the State government to attack both housing tenants and cyclists.  Separate to anything City of Sydney does, I'll be handing "be polite, go around; let negotiations take their time" pamphlets when I rig printing.

Yes, I wonder about 'divide and conquer', also that cycle transport ought to be an option of choice for tenants over 55.

Good work Samuel. Do please keep the flow of information going.

You'd think Dept of FACS would be right behind encouraging use of bicycles, but I guess that particular silo hasn't been made aware of Healthy Transport policy emanating from the other Govt silos. Bang heads, pitchforks! Any word from Hazzard, who was "looking in to it"?

Great if CoS could put on some Rusty Rider courses specifically for Tower residents. Maybe that is being considered Rob?

Yes, we discussed us doing some things with CoS on site and they seemed receptive.

While it is frustrating that we are in a position where we are having to negotiate on what had been perceived to be a totally settled issue, if it results in better infrastructure than a shared path for the space then I think it is ultimately a win.

"Hazzard, who was "looking in to it""

My neighbour calls these politicians "mirror men" because they keep "looking in to it".

I  feel for the elderly and understand their concerns, particularly from my elderly mothers perspective.  I  have continued  to use the path  and have observed that usage by cyclists is generally unchanged -  perhaps most cyclists don't participate in this site!

I haven't seen disrespectful behaviour during the early morning and evening commute and do not find residence out and about at these times. Perhaps later in the day is the issue. I guess there is always one or two hot heads.

I am very comfortable that this link can be used responsibly without any conflict.


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