Someone's erected no cycling signs in the middle of the George St cycleway at Waterloo.  The signs are at either end of the Waterloo towers section where there is a shared path.  I believe the signs went up sometime over the last week and were erected by a group of residents in the towers.  At peak hour there is now a group of residents blocking cyclists using the path and gesturing to the signs.  The signs look unofficial but they are on solid metal poles and the residents were making claims to do with conflicting jurisdiction.

Does anyone know anything more about this?

I've called the City of Sydney and they said they would send someone down to investigate.

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Whatever the politics and ownership of the land involved this again displays the priority of cycling in Sydney.  For new roads we get compulsory acquisition of land and billions of dollars.

For 'major' cycle routes you are lucky to get even a couple of meters of space and nobody bothers to even make it an official road or right of way.

I think it remains a legal right of way, despite the fake signage.

The only practical problem seems to be negotiating the little crowd of residents, so perhaps dismount and walk for a moment to keep them happy. They will disperse in time, that's for sure.

Cyclists can still use the horseshoe access road in and out from Phillips St, leaving only the short bit of path to Raglan St, or a bit of cross country to get round any vigilantes.

It's a weird case of Govt silos at work, in more than one sense. Let's hope Hazzard can boot a few bums, seems the only solution.
They'll probably get the 10,000 homes in by deleting public housing south all the way to McEvoy.
This seems a case of the government playing "Let's you and him fight" with two under funded and under serviced groups of citizens, tenants and transport cyclists. Don't rise to the bait. Go cross country to the horseshoe, or around the block. Picking a big fight with tenants who've just lost their homes and community for good is a crappy way forward. Hopefully City of Sydney / Ministerial can be gentle and negotiate something good.

I heard, ages ago off a leading resident activist, that residents wanted a fully separated path for cyclists to the east in the George street reserve, but Ambulance access to the East tower while maintaining parking on the horseshoe caused problems. Maybe this would be a good time to revisit their desires?
Sounds wise, Samuel. Could be a win win if a separated path was built.

Going further, and I'm not sure who would do it, but some outreach to residents in the form of a free bike check, repairs, build-a-bike, bmx event, might be fun and get better results for all.

I agree, playing it cool just now is cool.

I can't see a cycleway being funded since the twin towers are to come down. I have to wonder too how much asbestos will be disturbed. It might be smart to give the area a wide berth once works start. You don't want to be cycling close to the structures even now, meat bombs and all that.

Public housing is going in all sorts of prime places, as you suggest. Telopea for instance is to be demolished.

Waterloo is being handled cynically: they are guaranteeing return for existing residents after the redevelopment BUT that's supposed to be 17-20 years; so they must be counting on a fair few shuffling their mortal coil in the meantime.

If one wasn't to be cool one could put up a sign under the No Bike sign saying No Towers Soon, BMWs only.

ain't that a brutal truth :-(

SMH has an article on the path today, with comments.

Here's my comment:

I support the Waterloo residents. I am a transport cyclist. I hope the residents and city can negotiate a solution.

The residents have been systematically treated badly by their landlord, and need to be respected. I understand that one of their leading activists proposed long ago a fully separated bicycle only lane between the eastern arm of the U and the George Street cycleway. The evictions from Waterloo are monstrous, and I hope will be reversed, so a long term solution for the George Street reserve must be negotiated.

Shared use paths, footpaths and cycleways aren't gazetted, but exist within interpretation of regulation. The path through the reserve in Waterloo may or may not be a shared use path. Last time I checked, a couple of months back, SUP signs were displayed which made it a shared use path. It would be hard for Housing to argue it isn't a road related area as it is a path off a drive way. Legal, however, doesn't mean safe.

Speed limits aren't effective means to control bicycles to please the Waterloo residents: the polite cyclists already ride at 15 km/h, the rude ones won't ever ride 10 km/h. Bumps, humps and rumble strips are acknowledged as dangerous in the Ausroads standards. Chicanes and chokers increase cyclist-pedestrian conflict by narrowing the path.

Separated infrastructure IS safe and HAS been proposed in the past by residents. I support them here.

I have been physically assaulted and verbally abused for using a bell to indicate my presence to pedestrians in Sydney. Many pedestrians view it as the equivalent of a car's "rude horn." 99% of my interactions with pedestrians on paths involve politeness, because I'm deliberately relaxed about "getting there." Sydney's road culture sucks, and politeness is rewarded with violence.


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