Is there any viable route to get in and out of the domestic airport either from the west, say Wolli Creek, or from the south, say Botany Bay?

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An interesting question and looks like not much has changed since 2010 


2014 :

2017 :

RMS website agrees that's the Burmuda triangle 

Still some of SC have done it mainly by taking getting off Cooks River - through to Airport Drive and either taking the Coward / Oreiden road into the airport  Googlemaps link :

or the footpath ( I mean what's another $106 fine , amirite NSW govt? ) 

Thanks Peter. I had gone thru the historical posts I was hoping for some improvement :-(.

Would it be possible to come along the Cooks River cyclepath then Coward St - Kent Rd - Qantas Drive? I'm not a local so I have no idea what these roads are like currently.

Am I correct in thinking there isn't even pedestrian access to the domestic airport also?

Kent - Qantas Drive doesn't look possible as there seems to be tracks between and fencing.

The overhead seems to be a private road

I'm pretty sure people can walk to the domestic airport, but I've done that (or ridden in before)

From what Noel , Eleri et al have written previously , the road and optional hop onto the footpath is doable

Try this route as I`ve never ridden to there. and I don`t know if there`s an obstructions.

Wollie Creek to Domestic Airport route

ps, it looked the same as PeterT`s map link.  Duh, me.

Your suggested route is fine, I have ridden all of those roads and I was happy with them.  If you want to avoid a bit of traffic you can ride the final bit on the footpath.

The other route I've used is to turn off the bike path that follows Airport dr/Qantas dr where it separates the road and use a combination of breakdown lane and footpaths.  Its a little micky mouse but it works

speaking about Bike routes, whatever happened to


In Chicago already or was it been taken over as a new city and I'd forgot to change from AUD into USD to spend it in there.....

Train to a station that gives you a reasonable chance of survival. 

Woy Woy, Mt Colah, Berowra

Mt Victoria, Lithgow 

Picton and all points south

Wollongong, Nowra

Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I might just have to suck it and see or alternatively get the train from Wolli Creek.

It's possible to get along north side of Qantas Drive  via the verge and old lay bys and behind billboards and almost non existent footpaths. They have made the entrance to domestic not too bad with new lights and footpaths. Probably better to use the Coward St route and use the footpaths when in doubt on ORiordan, coming up to the airport.

a bit quirky but here is my photo essay on the topic. I came in from the north and left via Qantas Drive Northside "footpath" heading west.

A suggestion. From the Terminal. Get onto Shiers Avenue, onto Seventh Street which will take you onto Qantas Drive/Airport Drive and the bike path west of the airport. You can easily get from Wolli Creek skirting Cahill Park which will take you north on Airport Drive to Domestic Terminal. 

"Am I correct in thinking there isn't even pedestrian access to the domestic airport also?"

Definitely harder nowadays, at least heading north....very convoluted, with lots of crossings and button pushing.

If you were keen on minimising potential threats to life or limb, train to Mascot station is about $14 cheaper and then brave O'Riordan for a few hundred metres. Could use the footpaths without much opposition, that sewer is pretty unfriendly for foot traffic as well.


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