Is there any viable route to get in and out of the domestic airport either from the west, say Wolli Creek, or from the south, say Botany Bay?

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Walking in is fine, if traveling by train you can can yourself some coin by getting off at Mascot station and walking  from there

Second this. 

Take the RHS (western) footpath when heading down O'Riordan Street and cross Qantas drive at the Pedestrian lights. It's a pain in the ass but riding that section of O'Riordan Street is awful. I then meander toward the bike racks via Ninth Street and the footpath on Shier avenue.

In the end it all looked too hard so I took the train to/from the domestic airport.

I find it astounding that a major transport hub in a world city has neither pedestrian or bicycle access.

Not sure many big airports do!  But Sydney Airport Company is supposedly taking staff riding to work seriously, as many live in the southeastern suburbs.

I was out there at the international terminal last week.  Up on Level 1 of the car park, right next to where you cross the road to enter the airport terminal, there is a bicycle park.  The bikes are in a vertical bike park.  It is adjacent to the travelators.  How to access I am not sure.

Wandered past international terminal today while exploring progress on the various bike paths on Marsh St ( some bits finished but don't actually cross the bridge yet) and the bike/ped bridge is open from under Marsh St bridge to the multi-level car park, no signage though

Path of new bridge, there is then another bridge to the terminal but I didn't explore that far as there was a cyclist dismount sign and I don't

I've walked over this bridge and and its a big improvement.  Bike parking is at the end of the bridge in the car park.  I think that Staff have caged parking there too.

Was there again yesterday and had a fuller investigation, the public bike racks were completely full and there was also a dozen share bikes just outside the rack area, the secured (staff ?) rack area was also full. Looks like they will have to convert some more motor vehicle parking spaces into bike parking.


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