Way back in 1988 I did a bicycle tour to Brisbane. One of the legs was from Gloucester to Taree.

As far as I remember, and my memory is quite dim now, I did not ride through Krambach. I do remember riding on dirt for some distance. So I suspect I rode through Bulliac and Bundook and then over the Manning River to the Nowendoc Road.

I wonder if anyone has ridden through this area recently, and is able to tell me if this route is still rideable and what the condition of the roads are like? (Doing some trip planning at the moment.)

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I havnt been there since about then either, since we used to go canoeing on the Manning and Barnard Rivers, tho I did ride down Thunderbolts Way from Walcha more recently. Great country. Looks like plenty of gravel on the Bulliac to Nowendoc Rd route Suggest you ring the local shire council and speak to the road maintenance section. If it hasn't been graded recently the road could be pretty corrugated.

I can't speak for Gloucester Shire, but Taree City Council have notoriously bad roads. Maintenance is always an issue, especially the further south-west of Taree you get. The roads around Krambach were always poorly patched and rough. No idea what the gravel roads are like, but they tend to send a grader down them once or twice a year.

The dirt roads from Bundook to Kimbriki Rd run close to the river. They aren't on Google street view so probable aren't terrific at all. Then I'm also assuming there is an operating bridge across the Manning on Kimbriki Rd at Kimbriki. (You can see it on Google.)

Bob - good idea of yours to call them.

Interesting. Let us know how the roads are to ride on out there. I've been wanting to ride Nabiac to Gloucester via Krambach for a while, but have been a little wary due to the road conditions and lack of shoulders. The only time I've ridden out there is as a Primary school kid on a mountain bike from Dyers Crossing to Nabiac. We spent most of our time on the gravel shoulder. And being in school uniform, drivers gave us plenty of room, and offered a lot of lifts.

Plan is either be going soon or in April next year baring unforeseen circumstances.

Loop from Newcastle - Dungog - Gloucester - Taree - Forster - Nelson Bay - Newcastle

I'll no doubt be up that way again this Christmas. Might do some exploring and report back.

A bit like this one.

Yeah Darrell - that ride of yours is one of my inspirations. If I have one less day I'll go to Forster rather than Taree.

I'd strongly recommend that you take the Johnsons Creek Rd between Stroud Road and Wards River. The Bucketts Way is narrow and winding between those 2 villages and the petrol mob slow down for nothing along there.

@TC, thanks for pointing that out. I am aware of the second supermarket,  it's just a while since I updated info on that route. I'll fix it shortly. I went through from Nabiac to Gloucester in the stink box and there was some road work along the way. I don't recall it being too rough, but the hills looked harder than I remembered, but that's often the way with galloping old age!

Nabiac also has a nice coffee shop cafe, as well as a good bakery. The pub serves a reasonable meal and they also do provide accommodation that I've used in the past when rain was the order of the day. 

I'd suggest a late departure from Nelson Bay to allow the peak hour rush to Newcastle to subside. They're rip, tear, bust along the route there.

There is currently road work on the main drag coming into Fern Bay, but it should be finished when you do the trip.

recommend that you take the Johnsons Creek Rd between Stroud Road and Wards River

Yep that's the plan. And Reidsdale Rd to Stroud Hill Rd as well.

I'll probably stay at Hawkes Nest and ferry across to Nelson Bay so as to avoid the morning "tradies rush".

Good move staying at Hawks Nest. It gives you options! I've planned to ferry across the bay, but when the day dawned, I decided to ride to the highway and sample some oysters at Karuah, with coffee and choc coated macadamias at the Medowie macadamia farm. 


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