Some of you may have seen this ad for GM in the US where they are trying to convince students that cycling is embarrassing and that they should buy a GM car.

The GM anti-bike ad

The @GM twitter stream is awash with apologies.

I tweeted something about it and I think I got an @mention within about 20 seconds.


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Love that film

Nah more Made in China models are cheaper remember also these are a car of choice for many companies....

all so pricey but

And to make it even worse GM made the poor guy wear a bike helmet - ugh.


Well done on the comeback by Giant!

 any viewing of who killed the electric car would testify to the interesting antics....oh what a feeling gm....


Am I the only one that wondered if this was an ad about genetically modified bikes?

I think the risk of GM bikes hybridising their non-GM cousins is significantly overplayed in the media, esp given the 1m buffer zone that GM-bike-riding cyclists must leave around their bikes at all times.

And that report about the child's leg that mutated into a rubber tree after getting hit by a GM bike is pure fantasy.



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