Yes, folks it is now officially LIVE!  Available for Android and Apple devices and also online.

Go! Fix Media Release

Have an issue on your route that you want others to know about?  Want to be alerted of problems beforehand?  Want to let others know of a stolen or abandoned bike, a pot hole, debris, or somewhere that you get abused a lot?  Or want to suggest the need for a bike rack or ramp?

This is OUR application but it needs to be used broadly to be really useful to our community and those who advocate for us.

The application is free and there are no ads on it.  It has been an initiative of Go! Alliance and backed by a number of organisations including this site (thanks Damian!), Bike North, BIKESydney, Cycling Promotion Fund and  Bike North and BIKESydney also committed financial support.

So, what are you waiting for?  Let us know what's not right on your route!

And why not embed Go! Fix on your website?

For more, go to

iPhone App Store


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The link to the Android one is pointing to itunes, I think it should be;

Good call, now updated.

iPhone app downloaded & report made in relation to gravel all over shoulder westbound on M4 between Reservoir Rd and twin servo at Eastern Creek

Downloaded, now the hard part - remembering to use it!

That's great!  Set up a Watch Area... that may help... you can use a district or hand draw a boundary.  That way you will also see what others are reporting too.

Hi Omar, I joined up last night, but for the life of me I can't seem to work out how to create or save or manage watch lists :~(

Every time I try is says "Watch list already exists".

Any ideas?


I see now that there are emails coming in telling me the watch area is set up!

Same here - I click on the "CREATE WATCH AREA" button and I get the error and no confirmation, but then I get the email saying the area is created.

Noted... and reported!  Will let you know when it is resolved but at least it appears to be creating the watch areas.  Please keep the feedback coming.

Don't forget that voting for an issue even if it's not yours but affect you should help reinforce the notion of priority.  You can also Tweet the report to fellow riders (or group) if you think they should be made aware.

I downloaded the Google version for the Samsung S4 on tuesday but having some problems logging incidents.

1/ I 'submitted' 2 incidents , on Tuesday (by picking the address )  but don't see either of them 

2/ Today I spent 5 minutes on the side of the road to submit one incident , but don't see it in the issues list either

- is there an sending. completed notification ? Is it instant or is there a little man approving the incidents somewhere ? 

3/ the color contrast when typing the text of the problem is very bad for me , dark background and dark letterings. S4 is out of the box and I haven't don't any customisations to color-modes.

- not sure if this is where to report these issues, if you can direct me to the correct place it'll be great.

Will now try to report the incidents via

Hi Peter,

Very strange... the submission process is very quick so I suspect something is amiss.  Have you registered yourself when you logged in for the first time or are you submitting anonymously? 

To answer your specific queries:

Yes, you will receive an email notification of your report if you do the quick registration first.  There is no little or big man for that matter checking first.

Instead of typing the address, have you tried moving the cursor on the map to the spot?

There is a drop-down menu for reporting issues unless you want to write your own heading.

The background in the typing should be white with black lettering... this sounds like a setting issue on the device?

You can report here or through  There is a second screen you can swipe the home screen to that provides contact details as well as some "how-to's"

As yours is the first feedback of this nature I would like to work it through with you to make sure there is not some incompatibility with this device that we haven't seen before.  Feel free to PM me if you want to chat by phone instead?


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