So, life in Australia is now just that little bit more shoddy.
I would think that almost anyone that bikes has a dream of having that set of handmade in Oz, with train pulling quality Fastex buckles and ykk zips that never snag, and that only leak when it rains duck canvas with marine plywood stiffeners panniers which empty or full always weigh much than what you can load into them….
Bunyips. Gone
Wilderness Equipment. Gone
And now
Summit Gear. Gone. (at least from the web site)

Okay peoples can lower themselves to buy that Ohrerleeb, Ortlubee, Ortlieb stuff thinking they may look like around the world tourists, but why would you do that? Having dry stuff that hardly smells is no fun.
The 1980s WE stuff just don’t fit the rack I am using now but are still good. My kids are now using my old summits so this kit really is made to last generations..I guess it is supply and demand but still pretty sad to loose the option of buying locally made kit.
Anyway I see Summit and WE still make a bike type back packs as do cactus in NZ but does anyone know of Aust or NZ people or organisations that still make bike panniers?* (Not thinking bike packing frame bag stuff like )
* I had a real around-the-world cyclist stay with me for four days about a month back and while he had the full OHs kit, he would go the smaller size front and back if he was to start again. He was pretty keen on the smaller front summits I have but….gone.

Also had issues with his stuff which was always fixed by Oh sending free stuff around the world to repair his bags. He will be giving feed back on designs and faults once he gets home in a few months.

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Yes, but this duck canvas stuff just does not have the look when coupled to your Google Self "Driving" bike. Anyway I think I am past loaded touring, got lazy, maybe would still go the small Ort Leebs on the back for my tooth brush, spare undies and credit card or just my Carradice (100% waterproof 18oz Cotton Duck ) Barley Saddlebag for that "look", what am I going to do with my two Tubas front Lowrider racks. I have of course spent more on bags and saddles than the bikes.

By the way, that WE stuff is not all it's cracked up to be, I had to recently re-seam seal my WE tent and it is only 35 years old, rubbish!

Bugger! I visited the Summit Gear shop to look at panniers while we were in Katoomba last year and they didn't have any in stock. The bloke there said that they were too busy making stuff for the army to be doing them, but there was about a 2 month wait (IIRC) to get them. They made good stuff and mine are still going strong after 25+ years.

If I couldn't replace my SG stuff with the same, I'd probably go to these from Arkel. They look the goods and have lots of pockets, but seem to rely overly on zippers. I've got one of their handlebar bags and it's been going for about 20 years, so they can't be too bad.


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