Anyone going? I am planning on this being my first time; looking forward to trying a long distance ride (relative to my commute), and with other riders, rather than just zipping past the hipsters going down Oxford Street!


Any hints/tips I should know about? I reckon I'm marking down 4-6 hours estimated time on the registration form, as it is my first time, I've probably never tackled hills quite like it, and, well, I just don't want to get into people's way. On that note, just how hard is it? I normally commute 5-8km per day, and ride 15-20km if I have time to go out on the weekend... Should I do a few 50km+ practice/training rides?



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Yeah I'm generally switching down to the fourth lowest gear as the hill starts (Bronte Road, for instance), then into the lowest as I need to, and I often push as hard as I can, even in the low gears - to be honest it feels like my legs haven't recovered properly in months.

Watson's bay was my plan for this weekend, probably Saturday morning, from my place (Potts Point) to Watsons Bay, Bondi, follow the coast up and down to Maroubra, then a couple of laps of CP on the way home to warm down.

Thanks for the tips.

You'll be fine, I'm sure. I had a friend do it the year before last with NO training. I can remember years ago hearing a rough rule of thumb that if you can run half a marathon (21km) you can complete one. You won't win, but you'll finish. If true then maybe the same applies to the GR.

I've found in previous years that the mass of riders tends to push you along - psychologically rather than physically - and before you know it you're at the finish line.

Although the distance isn't a problem for me, I'm not much of a climber, but last year I hit the bottom of Bald Hill and just kept going. There was something about passing people that did something to me and meant I kept a much higher speed than I could have managed on any other day of the year. A couple of minutes in I got picked up by three other guys and stuck with them; we were doing 25-28km/hr uphill! The last little pinch gets steep and I got dropped by the one remaining rider at this point, but was determined to finish the climb in the big ring (massively cross-chained, but that's a different issue) which I did.

Like I said, I can't ever imagine I could have done this on any of the other 364 days in the year. Remember there are plently of places to stop and assistance if you run in to trouble (both mechanical and if you need to bow out), and if you need to get off and walk you won't be the only one!

Make sure you let us know how you go.

Cool, sounds good!

I'm determined not to walk at all, and even more so not to quit, unless due to unforeseen circumstances (snapped frame, leg falls off, that kind of thing) [ touch wood! ].

Will blog pictures and strava results as soon as I am able to walk again afterwards!

If you are halfway up Bald Hill and you feel like you need to get off the bike, just get off the bike. Take a chill out for 5 minutes, munch on a museli bar, have a drink, and then get back on. You will feel a whole lot better for doing so.

On my first audax ride I kept pace with one of the faster riders in the club for a good 60km before the first climb. That was a mistake! Halfway up Mangrove Mountain I had to get off, I just couldn't turn the legs over at all. I had a snack, a drink, gave myself a few minutes, and everything was working again - there was no point in the last 100km that felt as bad as my legs did at 70km or so.

Well... just got back from my longest ever ride. Hurts a little bit less than expected, although there were no really serious hills. 62km to Homebush and back, including a little bit of exploring/getting lost.


I'm now planning three days leg-rest, 30km on Sunday and a 40-50km trip Tues/Weds before the big one on the Sunday.


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