So just want to say upfront that I don't usually write up reviews or plug product/ services or companies, but one good turn deserves another so here goes.

I recently bought a fairly expensive bike ($1k) on Wiggle and had it shipped out from the UK. I measured myself up and emailed first asking for them to let me know which size would fit me best. They suggested the medium so I went for it.

The bike arrived after about a week and a half but was way too big for me. I emailed Wiggle back who informed me that they had used the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer but that they would happily refund the bike AND pay to have it shipped back to the UK.

I shipped the bike back from my local bike shop (Glow Worm in Marrickville) and the money was refunded into my account a few days later.

So that's my Wiggle returns experience. I don't know if it's typical or not but all in all it was an excellent and streamlined process, and I have nothing but good things to say about the service provided by the Wiggle Customer Service person I dealt with (Paul J).

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I had a $500 order get lost in the mail, they refunded it without question. Only gripe I have about Wiggle is that last time I looked, they removed user reviews, which I really don't like as I relied heavily on those before buying.

Interesting - I just had a look and they're still there (positive and negative) for at least one product.

I have to say I've had much better customer service from OLBS than local bike shops - when I've had issues. For information and advice the reverse is true, so I honour the "local advice, local price" rule.

A couple of examples - I broke a 10-sp Chorus Ergo lever so ordered some replacements from ProBikeKit, but then found someone locally who could repair the lever cheaper (and faster - as I needed it done the next day). I held on to the levers rather than send them back, but then upgraded to 11-sp about 18 months later. PBK have a 12-month returns policy but I dropped them a note explaining the situation and they were quite happy to take them back.

The best returns policy has to be Competitive Cyclist's unconditional lifetime returns policy. Don't like the size or colour? Send it back. Bike the wrong size? Send it back. Crashed it the week after you got it? Send it back. Bike now five years old, never been serviced, everything is worn out, scratched or damaged so badly that you can't even give it away? Send it back. No fine print, no questions asked.

It's so good I don't want to take advantage of it (abuse it) and send back my four year old frame, although I might consider it if it ever breaks during regular use.

Locally I bought a pair of shoe covers that had a small manufacturing defect whereby the cover hiding the back of the zip didn't come all the way up so it would rub against your leg and although it doesn't sound like much it would take off skin (I wondered why I consistently had this 5mm sore on the inside of my calf). I took them back to the shop and they said they'd discuss with the rep. Two weeks later I get a call from the shop saying the warranty claim was rejected "because there was nothing wrong with the zip". I couldn't be arsed trying to explain it yet again, whereas I'm sure an OLBS wouldn't have questioned it

They have launched a wiggle australia website where the reviews don't show up (but everything else is exactly the same, including pricing etc)

If you go to the original wiggle uk site then the reviews are still there!

I notices this a week or two ago when buying some triathlon  stuff

Thanks for that, I didn't realise and I even googled "what happened to wiggle reviews" without luck. Glad they can still be found.


Same here. Order didn't arrive, no problem, they're going to send it again. It's only happened once, their orders usually arrive very promptly.

Slight gripe with their discount codes, the screen for entering that can slip by very easily and they will not help out with adding it in later.

Try and support LBS where possible but use Wiggle for general bits / non-cycling stuff, particularly those things that are cheap in the UK but cost the equivalent of the US national debt over here. 

Generally found them to be excellent with prompt delivery and no quibbles returns. I have a feeling that they don't use Australia Post, which probably explains why it arrives within the same decade it is ordered. 

I'm the same - I support my local bike shop where I can.  In 5 years I've bought 4 bikes from my LBS, plus my nephew got his latest bike from there as well!  I also buy other bits and pieces there. He's great for advice and someone to ask things of.  I get my bikes serviced and checked over by them once a year (and do generally little tune-ups myself).

Sometimes, however, I just can't justify spending money locally.

As an example: 

Recently I wanted some new running shoes (until recently I've worn the same style and brand of running shoes over and over again). The ones I wanted were in the local shops and the cheapest I could find was 'on sale' at $199....

Bought exactly the same ones on wiggle for $78..... they arrived at my workplace 6 days after I ordered them....

There are dozens of examples like this for me.  Currently training for triathlon so I'm buying shoes, swimwear, cycle stuff and other accessories basically every other week - over the year I would save literally hundreds by using wiggle, chain reaction, cell cycles etc.

I support the LBS where I can, but sometimes its just too expensive to justify


I have also have had good experiences with CRC. They replaced some damaged items, no questions asked. And when the replacements were wrong they sent the replacement for the replacements via DHL. I also got a cluster from them, when I finally installed it after six months I noticed the plastic spacer was cracked, I sent them a photo and asked for a spare spacer - its a $1 plastic ring and I said I would use the one from my old cluster so no big deal, got no response from them but then an entire $75 replacement cluster turned up in the mail.

Contrast this with the LBS where they seem to think they are doing me a favour by charging big $$$. I gave up when I tried to get a few DT Swiss replacement spokes - they wanted to charge $11 per spoke. Got them elsewhere for $2.50 each and then saw them online $65 for a box of 72.


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