Good News Week- Magda Szubanski & Julia Morris anti-cyclist rant

Anyone catch this shite that was just on the idiot box? Tubbies Morris & Szubanski let loose with an anti-cyclist tirade that culminated in one saying cyclists should have doors opened in front of them and the other saying they should be run over and killed. Maybe Kyle Sandilands isn't the only one who needs to think before he opens his pie hole.

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Hmmm. I predict they're going to be made to be sorry.
hmmm one would think more cycling and less ranting would lead to them not needing to be sponsored by a weightloss scheme?

Above was my first second thought was this

On the day we have a WORLD CHAMPION cyclist it makes me hang my head in shame that rants like theirs get airtime. Lets hope the world celebrates Cadel and not narrow minded stupidity so often displayed by other Australians.
I've started a twitter campaign against cyclist-hating fatties. Haven't watched GNW in years cos McDermott is an unfunny twat, but now they've nudged me from indifference into whatever the next degree of action after apathy is.
They will feel my tweeting wrath!
That will show em!
Damn straight! Also thinking about joining the Jenny Craig forums to leave Magda a "message of support". It's a shame you can't leave a burning bag of dog shit on the doorstop of an internet forum...
thanks kylie. I really put some thought into my phrasing, like 10 seconds worth.
10 seconds worth, that sounds a bit more than apathy.
channel ten's forums are getting it
You can find the video here...

I don't think that link actually links to the right video, but just select the videos on the right. The one you are after is 9:43s long.
I never watch that show but I caught about 30 secs of it and wondered what they were talking about. Personally, Julie Morris has never been funny to me.

Julie Morris also promotes Fernwood Fitness Centres.
No doubt Fernwood offers lots of free parking so fatties can get there without exerting themselves then ride on stationary "bicycles" without needing helmets so they don't mess up their hair.

That comment is at least as funny as most of that tired old program. And funnier than the rest, even if I do say so myself.


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