Also... good way to get there from, say, Kent/King cycleways.

Roped myself into Dragon Boat racing (4 year old was disapointed when he saw the boat on a training session :)), so I guess I need to be at the watery southern end...?

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Darling Quarter precinct, ie. south of imax, has bike racks.

or else town hall

not sure about near the water

Some racks outside IMAX. Also on west end of Pyrmont Bridge.

This map is maybe up to date, don't know.

Getting there from Kent St you can turn right on King St cycleway, or go on further to Goulburn St and go down the footpath, I don't think there is a shared path yet, to a footbridge over Harbour St that comes out next to the Chinese Garden, where there are bike racks too.
Oh, and to get off Pyrmont Bridge down to water level, there is a lift or escalators at the east end.

Outside the Police Station, Cnr Day & James Lane.

Be careful. I parked near MacDonalds near the Imax and I got the following ticket. A ranger came up to me and explained that I couldn't park my bike there. He was polite, even though my mood was far from it. I can't imagine they would come around and cut open bike locks and take them away. Or would they??????

You can see the caution taped to my seat.

I hear SHFA is being disbanded, so maybe CoS will take over ranger duties and you'll be in Clover.

There is a Cora type rack just east of there, can just see it on a Street View pass along Harbour St, which also shows a big group of racks outside 1-25 Harbour St, but these are a bit far from the action, don't know why this spot was chosen, apart from there being plenty of space.

Office CBP
1-25 Harbour St, Sydney NSW 2000

Great news Bob!

SHFA are hypocrtites in spades.

Their "removal of obstructions" regulation (quoted by them above) didn't stop them from planning to close half of Pyrmont Bridge for their stupid "Amaze" thingo.


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