I seem to be having strange issues when posting on the site with Google Chrome.  Issues include:


- Replies to posts winding up at the end of the thread, instead of under the post I'm replying to


- The reply screen lacks the  Link/Image/Media/Text/File toolbar and format bar


- Can't edit my own posts


Is this a known Chrome/Ning thing, or is it just a computer illiterate Robert thing?




Chrome 15.0.874.121 m


Windows 7 64 bit SP1 6.1.7601

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Hi I use Chrome all the time on a Mac laptop. Haven't had any of the problems of which you speak.

Changed everything to Mac products recently to be compatible with the workplace, and the sort of work I do. It's streamlined a lot of things in my life, opened up some new creative avenues, so v happy with my choices. When I had Mac, unix and PC products there was compatibility issues by the thousand, the PC being the largest pain in the neck. Personal choice - I know a lot of people have an inbuilt kneejerk to popular products like the Mac. Funny how the world changes as once upon a time people went out of their way to avoid Microsoft. 

I use Chrome with Windows 7.

And I've got another hassle!

Every time I go to Sydney cyclist, a screen-wide alert in a silly salmon colour drops down just under my bookmarks bar.

"An additional plug-in is required to display some elements on this page". There is a button to "install plug-in". I have clicked it a multitude of times. It never works.

And I loathe salmon. 

You have salmon issues?

All right I've put it off long enough. Two coffees, web surfing, listening to old clips of Journey ... West Head here I come. 

It's been a wet week. I'm pulling off my chain for a clean & lube
I had problems with the flash plug-in a few weeks ago, downloaded & reinstalled about a dozen times, then the error messages just stopped [shrug].

I think I might just uninstall/reinstall & see what happens.

It's too early in the morning to work my head around the fish reference.

Install Flash Player.

OK, I took Colin's advice, regarding deleting all cookies and history and starting again.  Here I am on SC with Google Chrome from Windows 7, with no probs.

I can see the bar at the top of this post reply window.  I will now endeavour to add a link to see if that works.  Here is a house for sale  out of Mudgee.  Sorry it has nothing to do with cycling, I was just looking at it ........ let me know if you can see it.  Thanks.

It works :)


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