Gore Hill Freeway / Flat Rock bike paths and the Western Harbour Tunnel Beaches Link motorway

Hi everybody,

Short story: if you're on the Gore Hill bike path tomorrow (Sat the 3rd), please stop into the Flat Rock gully bike path and say hi, and sign the petition to stop the Western Harbour Tunnel motorway

Long story: A large construction area will be established in Flat Rock Gully nature reserve or on the Flat Rock baseball diamond.

Flat Rock Gully used to be an old dump site. It contains asbestos, industrial waste, and who knows what. If the motorway proceeds, this contaminated area will be disturbed, possibly releasing deadly asbestos etc into the air, affecting the nearby Gore Hill freeway bike path. The Bicentennial Reserve/Flat Rock cycleways may be directly affected by the construction area. Any run off will go into along into the waterway at Tunks Park.

We'll be collecting signatures and filming anyone willing to be interviewed on how and when they use the path, and how the construction would affect them.

On a side note there are *no* new cycle paths, as far as North Sydney council is aware

If anyone can sign, or put a like on this Facebook page, it would really help!


More info follows:

Willoughby Environmental Protection Association WEPA has been working with Stop the Tunnels to help in our opposition of the proposed destruction of Flat Rock Gully.


Last Saturday WEPA volunteers set up a stall at Henry Lawson Cave on the Bicentennial Park pathway to alert users and community members to the proposed destruction of Flat Rock Gully bushland and to gather signatures on the community petition. 


WEPA gathered pages of signatures and alerted many people - who had not even heard about the proposal - of the potential destruction to Flat Rock Gully.


The stall was a big success and WEPA are going to continue to have a stall each Saturday during the month of November. 


This is where you come in.  Could you spare 2 hours one Saturday in November to be on the stall, hand out information and gather signatures?  WEPA plan to have 2 people on the stall in two hourly slots from 8am to 6pm.  

Also if you can just come down to sign the petition or say hi, please do!


If you are available this Saturday (3 November) we are also seeking volunteers to collect petitions at the Glenaeon Fair at 121 Edinburgh Road, Castlecrag.  WEPA are seeking people for two hourly slots from 10am to 4pm.


If you can help, please ring Meredith on 0438 890 902 or email wepa@wepa.org.au. 


Thank you

The Stop the Tunnels Committee


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I signed the petition and also attended the RMS community consultation session at Northbridge golf course. Seems like pedestrian and cycle access will be maintained around the work area. But 5 years of truck movements is going to be very unpleasant.

I asked RMS people of a rail line would be more effective, being much cheaper and bringing rail to a new region of Sydney. Seems that department of transport has already ruled out that option and the RMS task is just to design roads. So the chance for true consultation has already passed. ALP opposed to the project though.

Thanks Kim! And good news that the path would not be cut off.

The department of transport did not even investigate the rail option it seems. I have not seen one piece of info on the investigation of alternatives.

It's good to object to the RMS, but all they will do is count the objections to report to the decision makers higher up. RMS as you say exists only to build more roads.

There's been a few articles in the paper. People are getting more aware of the problem. They would definitely cancel the project if more people objected to it.

So by consultation they mean things like what  finish should be put on the sound walls?

Like, the Wenona school expressed their concerns about a smoke stack so close to their school, so the RMS plans to put that stack down next to the existing one next to Anzac Park Primary School.


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