This happened today while i was doing a rare thing, driving...

I was driving down william st and near Hyde park, I was getting into the right getting ready to turn right and had a free lane, arrow turns green

Suddenly a cyclist pulls across 2 lanes straight in front of me between cars, cut right in front of me, to the opposite side of the road and up the footpath.

What a fright, almost took them out!!!!

Luckily I didn't accelerate hard to get through the intersection because I saw them coming across between the cars out the corner of my eye. I also saw them earlier riding up the bike lane on the left

I missed my lights.... No biggie, but my 2 passenger noted what idiots cyclist can be and commented on my quick reaction time,... Shame!!!

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You're lucky he was on a bike and not in a car.
If he was in a ca r I would have rammed him... Company car:p

You get this frequently on Oxford St, citybound in the mornings.

Riding in the bus lane, it's downhill towards the city and you can get a decent amount of speed up.

Yet, you get moronic riders running the red out of Crown and Riley streets, in many cases at speed and without looking.

In other words, totally failing to give way to the cyclists with the green light on Oxford.

In some cases, this can force you into a dangerous emergency swerve. Putting other cyclists at risk is not on, especially when it's due to sheer laziness or impatience.

I have had a similar case of cyclist endangering other cyclists on the SHB. Coming towards the city, the bikes prior to the end of the path are moving fast. But a few want to go faster and have to overtake. That is ok when there is a gap to move right into for the overtake and then a gap after the bike being overtaken. Recently someone overtook the bike in front of me  just before the end of the path. The rider could not possibly have seen if there was a bike coming up the ramp towards us and if there was he (presumably) (the overtaker) would have cut in to the left causing us all behind to brake and crash into each other.


Oxford Street seems to bring out the worst amongst us. Three times this week I was almost cleaned up riding the green light crossing at Taylor Sq along the Bourke Road path. People are blasting through the stopped cars at max speed without a care in the world straight into those crossing on the green and expecting them to slam on their brakes to avoid them.


I know there is supposedly a 'scatter' crossing here, but that in no way gives priority or right of way to those entering the instersection across stop lines with a red light facing them.


I don't run reds, but I am not going to pontificate about it either... if you choose to do so after GIVING WAY to those who do have the green.


C'mon people, seriously.


Its getting bad enough just avoiding the ninjas.


Still wouldn't get to work any other way though...

Yep, I experience that most mornings along Bourke St crossing Taylor Square. BUT, I assume that it's illegal to ride across the intersection for ALL cyclists, even those crossing with the green man. So we're all doing something illegal. I look out for the city-bound cyclists crossing illegally, and they usually slow down and we weave around each other. I don't find it a big deal. It's worse when the crossing space is taken up by drivers queueing across the intersection - I'd be happy for them to get red-light tickets.

Legal to ride cross with green bike lanterns there. People have been going through the red AFTER the cyclists with the green have passed for ages, but lately they are increasingly barrelling straight through forcing those crossing on the green to skid or swerve markedly - when they have the green. This happened during the week and I lost a PlanetBike flasher and bent my Topeak rack as someone following me across on our green punted into me hard as I skidded for a red light runner.


Don't care if people want to run the red through there (I understand why people would for safety), just can we wait until those who have the green direction have passed first though - ie can we then swerve behind forward moving cyclists, not cutting straight in front of their path. All I ask.  

Not sure that's illegal - there's a green bike lamp too.
Basically a rare shared scatter crossing.

I think its a case of cyclists knowing about Advanced Stop Lines in all other countries and cities around the world including Melbourne. But because RMS doesn't put them in cyclist just pretend the ASLs are there anyway. So they stick to the left lane - get the the traffic light and because they are going right - go across infront of the car.  I have been shouted at by drivers for doing this - mainly when going up the Pacific Hwy turning right into Miller.  Ive never been shouted at before but have been twice doing this at that intersection.

I've never been yelled at or honked turning into Miller - I change lanes and queue in the turn pocket behind anyone that got to the intersection before me.


There is no safety benefit for a cyclist to queue jump a turn pocket - IMO its probably less safe than queue, as the turn pocket itself is intended to (and does) protect against most rear enders.



The lights to turn right into Miller don't last long - its an uphill start so going quickly isn't the best. Where there is a massive area in front of the pedestrian walk area that is perfect as an ASL. Going first allows you to get into the left lane quicker - thus not holding any motorist who can just go into the right lane.

What is everyone's take on the run through park st down to the kent st cycle way to get to pyrmont?

Everyone including me crosses with peds across George ? It seems suicidal to cross with cars... Then it is a nightmare down Druitt? Market is no better....

I just find the kent st cycle way is hopeless once you hit town hall....


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