This happened today while i was doing a rare thing, driving...

I was driving down william st and near Hyde park, I was getting into the right getting ready to turn right and had a free lane, arrow turns green

Suddenly a cyclist pulls across 2 lanes straight in front of me between cars, cut right in front of me, to the opposite side of the road and up the footpath.

What a fright, almost took them out!!!!

Luckily I didn't accelerate hard to get through the intersection because I saw them coming across between the cars out the corner of my eye. I also saw them earlier riding up the bike lane on the left

I missed my lights.... No biggie, but my 2 passenger noted what idiots cyclist can be and commented on my quick reaction time,... Shame!!!

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All of the East-West routes through the city are pretty dreadful. You'd think after $70M spent, they'd have delivered at least one viable east-west route.

Anyway, I head down Oxford and just keep going straight ahead down Liverpool st, rather than turning right with everyone else at College.

Keep going straight across George St, then turn right at Kent. Downhill all the way, so you can easily stay in front of the cars. 

West to East is more problematic. I just bite the bullet and ride up Bathurst St. Not pleasant, but neither are any of the alternatives. 

"All of the East-West routes through the city are pretty dreadful."

Aint it the truth. But if you look at a map of the CBD you can sorta see why. The blocks are not square, they're skinny rectangles, and so there are many more north-south streets than there are east-west streets. That scarcity of east-west street space means those streets are choked with traffic and have little or no on-street parking, and hence it's a lot more difficult for the RMS to agree to give up a lane for a cycleway.

Maybe but Bathurst is up to 5 lanes wide. Surely they can find an option there?

I stick to the left lane going east down King St to get to College - coming west I go across Hyde Park to Market St and go down Market to turn right into Kent. Feel a lot safe in both of those streets.

Kent gets a little hairy approaching Elizabeth St because of left turners cutting you off and the hill slowing you down. Better in the right lane or maybe middle?
Market is good if not too hectic, but i wish they could sort out the cection between George and York Sts. There is enough room for a green bike lane I reckon, between the through lane and left turn lane into York. Or an overpass as JasonB and others have said.

As for Bathurst, they need 5 lanes so everyone can plant the foot in flying formation to beat the lights at George. Dead set scary standing on the kerb extension outside the Coopers and Lybrand building watching the cars flying straight at you.

I used to go down King in the right lane - then go down Castlereigh and Park to get to College - but the road down the right is all bumpy now after it being dug up and filled back in. So I just take my time up the right side usually with a lots of riders. We form a nice group of cyclists - probably helping the addage - "safety in numbers" and Boris Johnston's "motorists will expect cyclists here" situation.  If nothing else having no cycleway along King St and Market St and with increasing cyclists - it screams at drivers "put in a cycleway or you will have to put up with going at bike speed until you do."

Clearly another motorist.

They are all jumping on bikes these days and bringing over their bad habits.

Its making us look bad.


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