Gotta love gutter journalism like this (not about bikes or cycling)

Here is an article about speed cameras. There's talk about changing some rules that will result in "more motorists getting fined" (blah blah blah).

What pisses me off is that there is only one instance of the word "speeding" in the entire article. Surely these rule changes will result only in "more SPEEDING motorists getting fined", i.e. more motorists who are breaking the law will be fined for breaking the law.

There really needs to be something done about portraying motorists as victims. They're not. If they're not speeding, these changes will not result in them getting fined.

BTW, I sent them the following:

This article portrays motorists as victims of evil governments to grab all their cash. In reality, it is actually only those motorists WHO ARE SPEEDING will be more likely fined. Yet in your article, there is only a single instance of the word SPEEDING (and that was in a quote). It would be good if your reporters were capable of writing an article that didn't try to pander to the majority, but rather just report the news as it is. NSW has a problem with motorists breaking the law and killing themselves and others, current measures are not working, so the government wants to change those measures that will create a greater disincentive to breaking the law. See, it isn't hard to write something that isn't "oh the poor motorist who is plodding along at 10km/h will now have to pay more in fines a year because of the evil government."

Now I know that accurate representations is difficult to do, so I'll start by saying, if you do a search for "motorist" and replace all occurrences with "speeding motorist" you will quickly see that these changes will likely have no impact on the majority of motorists in NSW, but rather just those who CONTINUE TO BREAK THE LAW (which I think is something we don't want people to be doing - i.e., these changes are a good thing)

Thank you for your crappy service, it makes me glad I'm using an ad blocker

I think I need to go for a bike ride. hahaha

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