I was doing some research after watching a DVD of Le Ride. Hubert Opperman and Percy Osborn were team mates and winners of this race. I went to have a look at the fountain of knowledge that is Facebook and found that the event had been cancelled last year by the NSW Police, which speaks volumes for Cycling NSW's co-operation with Dunny Can and Melinda Pavey and the RMS not to mention a real shame. It appears it is no the only time it has been cancelled by NSW Police.
The questions I have are:

  1.  Has anyone done this as a race? I gather it became Goulburn to Camden and it's Sydney start or finish has been from Sydney Sports Ground (I take it that is the SCG precinct?) Ashfield, Bankstown, Wiley Park, Enfield, Merrylands, Liverpool, Lidcombe, Milperra and Bankstown.  I gather the original race began in Goulburn and finished some 132 miles (212 km) later in front of the...
  2. Does anyone have an idea of the route? I get the feeling the Old Hume Highway would have been used - including the climb at Razorback and possibly Mt Gibraltar. Would CNSW have maps or route instructions for the route?
  3. More importantly are we willing to let a major part of our cycling heritage die? It seems that along with this the Lake Hume Cycle Challenge has gone across the border to Wodonga due to excessive requirements from Police and the RMS. Are we going to see a repeat of the NRS race where teams had to decide who was going to ride the race after the it was contained to 1 lane on a multilane road?

I would like to try and tour the route. 

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I've sent a message to someone who may know who to ask

About 15+ years ago there was a charity ride of about 60+kms that started and finished in Newcastle after visiting Williamtown and Heatherbrae. It was well organized and didn't require any road closures, other than start/finish. The service club who ran this popular ride gave up exasperated at the onerous conditions imposed by police and RMS. The Loop the Lake was in its infancy at this time and so many of the riders just went to it, rather than being able to do both rides.

Why is it seen to be necessary to involve either of these organizations? 


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