Some questions for anyone who might know:

In December last year, Duncan Gay announced $35 million for a cycleway ramp onto the Sydney Harbour Bridge, $20m for the north, and $15m for the south.
SHB announcement

Since then there doesn't seem to be any signs of progress. Is anyone aware of any further work, studies, bulldozers moving on the ground to turn this fuzzy line on a map into concrete?

In July last year, Andrew Constance the Transport Minister announced a great cycleway, the Inner West Greenway - 6.5km from Cooks River to Iron Cove
The Andrew Constance Inner West Greenway announcement

Likewise, does anyone know of them actually putting some concrete down to make this a reality? 

A bonus would be "possible future link to Hawthorne Canal through the railway cutting under Balmain Rd and Norton St" but I suppose that's anyone's guess.

Someone may be able to help if they can get some info, which seems hard to come by!

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I heard the Greenway project is in the detailed design phase and construction is to be in 2018. Ring Nick Chapman, the Greenway coordinator, at Innerwest Council, or check the website at
Actually burgerall on the website, you'd think it rated more of a mention. Maybe Nick is having a sebatical.

I did see some surveyors working at the Longport St underpass site a few weeks back, this would substantiate being at the detailed design phase.

Hope they don't find any "unexpected problems" like water pipes etc. it's a very big abutment they have to ram a tunnel through.

IWBC has seen a draft budget for the project, has about $6.6m for Longport to Eliza St, in 2018/19 and 2019/20.

From the RMS website on the SHB cycle access

The community will be invited to provide feedback on the environmental assessment for the upgrade in mid 2017.

It's worth asking them when the proposal will be released.

Maybe here (RMS contact us)

or maybe the City of Sydney might know

Thanks for the contact name Bob.

Thanks also Paul. The RMS is pretty hard to get info out of, until things start happening.


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