Some questions for anyone who might know:

In December last year, Duncan Gay announced $35 million for a cycleway ramp onto the Sydney Harbour Bridge, $20m for the north, and $15m for the south.
SHB announcement

Since then there doesn't seem to be any signs of progress. Is anyone aware of any further work, studies, bulldozers moving on the ground to turn this fuzzy line on a map into concrete?

In July last year, Andrew Constance the Transport Minister announced a great cycleway, the Inner West Greenway - 6.5km from Cooks River to Iron Cove
The Andrew Constance Inner West Greenway announcement

Likewise, does anyone know of them actually putting some concrete down to make this a reality? 

A bonus would be "possible future link to Hawthorne Canal through the railway cutting under Balmain Rd and Norton St" but I suppose that's anyone's guess.

Someone may be able to help if they can get some info, which seems hard to come by!

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Needs a serious scientific test run by Mythbusters. Could be fun!
Could use both brakes, rear to just slow the bike to whatever walking pace you can manage and right to provide more stopping power if the bike starts torunawayfrom you.

I think you are right Bob. I use two also and just favour the rear. But if I see a total novice at the top and apparently wondering what to do, or partway down and looking scared they were about to lose control, I think advice to use more rear brake can't cause them any harm. Once (if?) the "government announcement" ever becomes a reality we won't have this to talk about any more.

Could use both brakes

Nup. Rear is useless in this situation since it locks the wheel almost instantly resulting in sliding and loss of control. Unless you are wheeling a fully loaded touring bike or sumthin'.

You don't need "more stopping power" for an unladen bike when wheeling it down the ramp. Just light pressure on the front brake.

Try it. I'm sure you'll like it!

I was going to say " a light feathering" but thought it would be misinterpreted.

When your transits over the bridge get into the thousands, and your bike always has at least one rear pannier, you just do it (balancing of front and rear brakes) unconsciously. 

Using both hands on the brakes on the ramp is a waste of one hand. What about all the important tweeting and status-updating you could be doing during the enforced dead time of that walk down? ;-)

Speaking of "progress", or lack of it, I notice nsw govt advertising proclaiming the M4 widening (4 lanes each way!) is complete and tolls will start from 15 Aug. I seem to recall that we were supposed to get some parallel cycleway works including some bridge work to avoid the 2 lane high speed exit / entries at Homebush Bay Drive and elsewhere, did this happen and has the cycleway beside and under the motorway been reopened yet?


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