After having used a Garmin 500 since I started 'road' cycling pretty much with mixed success especially on the longer rides I started doing a couple years ago, it has come time to upgrade this.

Mainly - power charging while on the go has been inconsistent(keeps disconnecting from charger etc, could not find cables to use with common power banks, cannot use the same cables for charging phone/lights).

Courses with bread trails and no base maps has been ok, but as I ride more and more strange routes which I upload having a base map would be nice.

I dont tour, even when on exploratory rides I tend to map them out and put them on the phone or device and just follow the route. So re-routing etc is not essential.

Training info would be useful as well as hill profiles(though I try not to look at this too much). But I cant afford a power meter, should use a heart rate monitor I suppose though I have been too fix the one that came with the 500 when it stopped working (probably battery).

Have been tossing up between the Garmin 520 $289 and the Magellan 505 $219.

All info and advice is appreciated.


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Those Wollongong Audax riders are legendary, every ride starts with a 800m ascent dash up the local hill and just gets harder from there.

But maybe some ice skating? Kevin puts on such varied entertainment, recalling the last Temora I got a pair of these, the tall mtb ones, to keep my feet dry and warmer

Have you been ill Andrew or just taking it easy in the cooler times after a few big months?

Head cold, eye infection, head cold, travel to Mildura, hip injury/pain and just a general lack of motivation

Oh and an unreliable tandem partner :)

Fitness is shot but my fatigue levels are way down, so we will see

That is a bugger. 

Has the pain in your hip increased as you rode more in the first half of this year? 

A lack of motivation at this time of year is very understandable. The worst part of watching the Tour de France is seeing people riding in such lovely, warm weather. It is blue sky here in Canberra but currently 5.7 degs.

It begins to turn good in your area in August?, so your want to ride longer may be ready to go by then. 

Weather has been rubbish here.

The hip was a specific issue. I've really not noticed any specific issues with increased volumes of riding. But I have dropped running from the schedule, which I'm terribly sad about :)

sounds like over training issues. 56km a day commute may not be helping.

Over-training is not something I'm ever going to be accused of :)

Dodgy sleeping arrangements on the last trip to Mildura, compounded by having to fold myself into small airlines seats

Best of luck Andrew, stick with the groups and keep them moving :)

Day 1 is the tough long one, Day 2 is pretty easy because its 2 small loops. You will be fine and try not to freeze!

All the best with your ride in Temora this weekend Andrew. I guess keeping warm will be one of the more important tasks on your ride.  

That new jersey does look good Bill. I am a few years away in qualifying for one. 

Running - handy if there is no bike around and one feels the need to burn some energy. Otherwise, on the bike.

It is good your fatigue levels are down as they will be a wee higher on Monday. ;)


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