After having used a Garmin 500 since I started 'road' cycling pretty much with mixed success especially on the longer rides I started doing a couple years ago, it has come time to upgrade this.

Mainly - power charging while on the go has been inconsistent(keeps disconnecting from charger etc, could not find cables to use with common power banks, cannot use the same cables for charging phone/lights).

Courses with bread trails and no base maps has been ok, but as I ride more and more strange routes which I upload having a base map would be nice.

I dont tour, even when on exploratory rides I tend to map them out and put them on the phone or device and just follow the route. So re-routing etc is not essential.

Training info would be useful as well as hill profiles(though I try not to look at this too much). But I cant afford a power meter, should use a heart rate monitor I suppose though I have been too fix the one that came with the 500 when it stopped working (probably battery).

Have been tossing up between the Garmin 520 $289 and the Magellan 505 $219.

All info and advice is appreciated.


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Well done Andrew, I will be looking for lessons from the master, new Super Series jersey will look great and still time this season for a 1000 and 1200

Was just chatting to Dilini about you after she commented on a facebook post that Kerri Ann had made on how freezing the ride was. Slushy water bottles, -6 start and freezing day 1 finish.

Well done Andrew! You certainly did a super tough one for your first 600.

Congrats Andrew on finishing your first 600. I rode on Sunday wearing the most clothes I have for a ride starting at noon. The thought of the 0500 start on Saturday - BRRRRRRR! What lessons, besides not riding another one in the middle of winter, would you use for a future 600?

Bhanu, have you gone offline re Strava? There was no posting of your DBH ride.

Yes terrible, even the few rides I am doing I am forgetting upload! Switched off the bluetooth automatic upload as it drains battery, so I have to do it the old way.

I am still shocked by Andrew's effort, also wondering if frost on the road was an issue etc?

He is slow to respond, I assume because the family are still trying to thaw him out?

Wasn't any noticeable frost on the roads and only a very, very few frozen puddles that I noticed. Ice on the road did occur to me as I was riding, having lived in Canberra for several years

Thanks Ed. So, so cold. I'll do a write up in the proper Audax thread, when I can fully feel my fingers ;)

Would be great to have your thoughts while they are fresh, outer wise you will only remember the good bit (finishing?). I saw on the site where people had done "notes to self for next time" after their 2015 PBP and there was some interesting bits regarding that they had learned and would do the same again or differently "next time". Those of us who still have to master a 600 ( or 400) need all the hints possible and special hints regarding what worked and what didn't in regard to the cold as well. Take your time though and get reintroduced to the family so they let you out again

ps who was in the RotoVelos?

My thoughts were snap frozen fro freshness :)

The RotoVelos were Peter Heal and Dome Deli. Fast but cold

That was stupidly cold. But that pretty much sums up my riding history.

First 200 attempt - Fitz's Epic

First 300 - Parkes in high-20s chasing recumbents

Do a Canberra 200 hundred on the hottest day of the summer - 40+

First 600 - mid-Winter in Temora

Did Kerri Ann and Michael ride Sunday? They were planning on starting later than Kevin and Hugh

Thanks Bill.

You are a funny man.

I think I've used up all my weekend leave passes for the year, so it's back to just local 200km rides for me this season 

And Garmin announces the Edge 530 which DCRainMaker says "it might be the best bike computer Garmin’s ever made", also a 830 which is much the same as 530 but with a touch screen, no Oz prices or availability yet but expect to be ripped off as usual


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