How do i cross safely from Burke Street cycle path to Burke Rd cycle path? There is a mean a scary Green Sq in the middle. Any suggestions? 

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It is confusing and at first a bit scary but actually just barrelling through the intersection is not too bad, just close your eyes and pedal, perhaps better not, but traffic on Bourke St / Rd through that is not too bad, the worst is on Botany and O'Riordan. Going south is downhill so easier, north is slower but I have not had a problem in years of using this intersection, even before the cycleways.
An official alternate is Short St (opposite O'Dea, through a little park off Bourke St), Allen, Botany on the footpath (official share path ), cross at lights into Mandible, separated cycle path starts at Wyndham) to Bowden then Bouke Rd. all shown on Google Maps with the Bicycle layer or OSM/OCM. From corner of Wyndham/ Mandible a shared path also starts on the southern footpath that takes you around the Fire Brigade site to the start of the Bourke Rd separated path. The problem is too many choices really which makes it confusing and also the transitions from road to separated cycleways and road to share paths is difficult in places. Noting also that the western footpath in Bourke St from Elizabeth to Phillip/Cresent is an official shared path and this is planned for an upgrade.
Hope that helps

Marked as "Bourke Bypass" on the map, mostly unmarked route marked on shared road or shared path.  

Worst unmarked is Straight via a left right from Young into a Carpark Lane when South Bound.

It sucks. There's no good way. I've tried a few alternatives, and they're ok, but I usually end up just riding down Bourke St. It's quickest and easiest, and if you take the whole lane is probably at least as safe as any other option, but requires a fair bit of confidence and thick hide to withstand the inevitable road rage.

Sounds like good advice to me. Perhaps good to apply generally, ie suffer a bit of anger from drivers where road design forces lane taking rather than dubious alternative routes.

I usually just ride down the road and it's fine.  I assertively take the lane and don't experience any grief from drivers.  Watch out for the taxi-drivers coming out of the servo down near Danks Street.  They can be a bit cavalier.  

Not an expert on this route but I was following Timothy once - his route seems pretty good. (ie stress free)
Here's a snapshot

(another reason for people like me who get lost all the time to get a GPS device and review routes)

Both ways I take the lane (ride where the driver side wheel of a car would be) along Bourke, don't filter and everyone seems pretty happy. Often heading home (south) I get in the right lane before O'Dea (so the left lane can turn left clear of me, I keep up with traffic down hill past the Elizabeth St lights and then already in the right lane to cross Green Square).


I get across onto the Bourke Rd cycleway when I can, but this is usually past Bowden St, ie maybe get onto the path in front of Danoz Direct.


If you can keep up with the traffic (not too hard most of the time as you keep getting reds so just a bit of interval training) and take the lane its a no brainer, but I see others just stay on the foot/shared path from Phillip Street all the way down (again going south) and don't seem to have too much problem, and isn't a lot slower than the vehicle lanes if not filtering. I use the path in torrential rain, only had ti use it 3 times this year.




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