Hey all I'm heading down from the sunny Gold Coast next week for a few weeks and looking for a group ride to jump on for a decent ride I'll be based in the Sutherland shire does anyone know of anything that you don't have to be a cycling Australia member to ride with them? I don't mind if I have to travel a bit to hook up with a good group.
I average 30-35km/hr if that also helps.
Any info or input would be much appreciated.


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I am surprised no one has replied yet. I live quite far away from there so I really don't know much. A lot of people ride down south though such as through Royal national park, so you should be able to find a club ride quite easily. I think DHBC have rides regularly through there but I think their rides start in the eastern suburbs.

DHBC does ride down that way but to ride in a bunch at that average speed we expect you to be a CA member.  This will be the case with most bunch rides I expect. 

Only group rides posted by SSCC etc specifically expect a current CA membership for safety and insurance :-)


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