Nasty downhill collision with car at bend. Gone straight up at speed and hit car.

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That makes me feel a little sick.

It's obviously a freaky bit of road looking at the number of preceding riders bailing out of the racing line and riding their brakes around the less steep outside. The poor guy looks like he'd lost it way beforehand - when he first comes in to view he's already locked up and he is a passenger.

what the heck was that motorbike doing at 0:35-0:40

0:19-0:20 looks like the bike was in the air and just before impact rear wheel was off the ground.

Very likely if it wasn't the side of the car he would have gone into the crowd/trees

Too many support cars on the circuit in modern roadracing. Get rid of them! Especially the deadly Shimano neutral support car.

And what sort of cycling team uses a $300K Porsche to do the job that can be done perfectly well by a $30K Skoda?

Probably because Porsche provide the car for free. Or pay the team to use theirs cars. Either way, it's a moving advertisement for Porsche. Perhaps if I mention Porsche again I can get a car too? Hmmm, at least Porsche make sell bikes too.

EDIT: Why am I telling you this? You know this!

with the speed he was coming in at, car or not it was going to hurt. I wouldn't think he could have pulled up on the verge before hitting trees

Only a net would have saved him from flying into the timber if the car wasn't there. He was flying!

The car probably saved him from worse - cars dent and absorb some energy. Tree trunks not so much.

It was going to be ugly either way, but my point stands - there are too many support cars all over the road in the major cycling races. And in many cases they appear to be driven by complete idiots.

Quite a few bad accidents have been caused by these cars - there was the rider flung into a barbed wire fence in the Tour a couple of years back.

Then there's this year's repeat offender - the Shimano car which kept cleaning up riders at the Giro.

Make them drive at the back of the field - it's a bike race not a car race.

I agree, there are so many things to worry about crashing into that you don't need support vehicle drivers trying to take you out as well. There have been several cases lately where drivers should have been kicked off the tour for their reckless behaviour!

But I think in this case that the vehicles were pretty much at the back already.  

Selfish bike rider crashing into a car for no apparent reason. If only his bicycle was registered and he had a license....

In all seriousness it looks like a very hard hit. He was going pretty fast, hopefully his recovery will be equally swift.

Matt Brammeier (MTN-Qhubeka) was hospitalized on Saturday after a high-speed crash during stage 6 of the Tour of Utah.

The Irishman hit a service car while chasing back to the peloton on the descent from Guardsman Pass in Big Cottonwood Canyon, according to a team press release.

He was taken by ambulance to University Hospital, where he was listed in stable condition but sustained severe injuries to his pelvis, ribs and one lung.

“Thankfully, Matt has suffered no head, neck or spinal injuries and is currently stable in hospital,” said team doctor Jarrad van Zuydam.

From Velonews.

Make them drive at the back of the field - it's a bike race not a car race.

He was driving at the back of the field - the rider and the others were off the back and trying to get on.  My experience of having driven a car in the convoy is that there is the peloton ... and then all the riders off the back strung out over several kms.  

As a convoy driver, my job was to stay behind the peloton and to be aware of stragglers some of whom will get back on because they stopped for mechanicals and many who just haven't got the legs.  When one of my riders needed something (drink, mechanical) I'd get called up by the Commissaire and had to drive past the cars ahead of me until my rider was serviced.  Then drop back to my place in the convoy.  All the while avoiding dropped riders.  Sometimes I had to give my rider a tow (draft) back to the front of the convoy.  

In my case I had to deal with rolling road closures as well, so constant motorbike cops riding past to the next intersection. 

All this is much, much harder than  you think.  

This is not to excuse the driver at all - but just to explain that the car was at the back and was probably where it was supposed to be.  The solution might be to have no support at all and to make riders manage their own mechanicals, drinks etc.


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