Nasty downhill collision with car at bend. Gone straight up at speed and hit car.

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Sometimes I had to give my rider a tow (draft) back to the front of the convoy.

You bad soigneur!

I hope you had your UCI driver's licence.

Only doing what the Commissaire told me to!  I was surprised ...

As for the UCI licence - nope.  But I have got a derny licence which is, after all, a licence to draft :-)

The solution might be to have no support at all and to make riders manage their own mechanicals, drinks etc.

As a (hoping to not be former) randoneer, I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

In all seriousness, interesting stuff :)

Downhill skateboarders race similar hills, and are laughing at the poor cornering of these cyclists, the shitty safety protocol compared to the strict "no cars on track" during skateboard races, and the crazy guy coming in way too hot being saved by the car from a worse fate with the trees:

And ski racers, DH mountain bikers - pretty much everyone who deals with gravity and corners is asking WTF at the crappy lines these riders are taking in this incident.

Were they put off by the cars? Target fixated?

Looks like target fixation to me.

Actually I think feels like (for me anyway), rather than looks like. I get the same feels watching the video as I do when I have had target fixation (but luckily realized and pulled myself out of it before things went wrong).

Hi Si,

There's a right hander immediately before this lefty, it's just up out of view - there's another video around that shows it - Anyway, if you rail the lefty at speed, and if you fall asleep for one second, or think to yourself for a second "Gee that was good!", then you're going just too fast and not getting across to the line of this lefty.

There's a left-right combo coming down the Bright side of Tawonga Gap that's claimed a few victims in a similar fashion. Last year a Orica Green Edge staffer had to get helicoptered out after getting caught out.

Analysis by Cyclegaz

That reverse angle is brutal.


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