Had a bike accident on the weekend with a hub cap on the road-do i sue?

Hi i had a an accident on saturday night when i ran over a hub cap from a car on the road Bay street Ultimo. Does anyone know if this is something i should go for compo about.I don't know these things. I didn't know that plastic hub caps slide and i could swerve as there were parked cars on one side and traffic on the other. Any suggestions. Yes i was injured...i will get into that later as trying to do too much and well just sore as hell...

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Ok. Hope your patella will heal by fusing the bone together in time. Don`t ride before 3 months of your accident to give the bone strength and tell your physio of when will you get back on road. Don`t despair and you will be back on bike soon. Your area sounds good to use soon. 

Thanks me too :0) Never broke a bone before. The other leg looks better today too and the other wounds are closing nicely now as i am being careful when i move. Yeah i will keep talking to the physio. Plus i am putting comfrey on the wounds and closed area above the patella...its not an open wound thank goodness and no swelling. Whereas the other leg is giving me or was giving me the most trouble. Yeah the back streets are cool and the park :0) Before people get off work and walk their dogs and kids ofcourse he he. Its a shared path so i don't understand why ppl get shirty

Not haurline fracture. Full break across all the way thru. NOt shattered. That wud have beeded wiring. Will read in a month maybe sorry but feel shit

Ok. Have a rest and take care.

Thanks will print out that nominal whatever form and send that in and see how i go. I am not super worried about this in many ways but i guess my friend was so insistant maybe because she could so the long term problems with being injured as she had been through something similar maybe. I dunno i just wanna get back on my feet and i learned that there is another type of obstacle on the road to possibly avoid...i never knew these damn things slide and this would happen

Yes u can neva b too careful on the road. Didnt knp those small things like a coke can can bring down a bike. Funny i dont remember things being this hard on the road with a bike when i used to cycle a lot before i got cfs. I must have been super fit and strong to have nrva have had an accident. I remember tearing down parra road a lot and the truckies thought it was funny to swerve near me. Scarey

If you're on the brakes, a flattened coke can or a plastic bag will make your front wheel slide out from under you - exactly like your hubcap.

Even motorbikes are vulnerable to this.

Gee i hope people read this and see these things are dangerous as i had no idea

I really hope you get better soon Rap Attack. The problem is that I agree that there are very few realistic options for you to claim against in this situation.


My wife was in a similar situation to you the other day, but in a car. A truck dropped a lump of concrete from an unsecured load. Flowing peak hour traffic meant that she had no where to swerve to avoid.


The car sustained a fair bit of damage ($x,000's), and we don't know how long it will be off the road. Much more worryingly she has reaggravated a chronic neck injury that was originally caused by a 3 week licenced P plater slamming into the back of our stationary car at 70km/h in 2001 - just after changes to the Motor Accidents Compensation Act. That injury has dramatically and permanently affected pretty much all aspects of her life (and mine too) but we never saw any compensation, despite clear liability and being able to readily identify the person at fault. Fortunately she can continue to work in her chosen profession (sometimes with difficulty) so things arent as bad as they could be, even if she can't do most of the things we used to do together. Don't know what money would achieve though, it can't bring back health or the ability to do the active things we loved.

The recent reaggravation happened on the way to work, but alas no Worker's Comp coverage anymore on the way to or from work, plus the truck number plate was just out of reach of our car video camera (such things becomming more necessary these days) so we can't go after them either.

I don't know what the answer to all this is, other than the only way to REALLY protect yourself from other people's negligence is to have your own personal injury and income protection insurance. Which is ridiculously expensive and likely to get more so after the removal of workers comp journey coverage. Getting compensation from anyone else for negligent actions is becomming less and less an option these days. Which sucks because more people seem to act negligently these days and couldnt give a F how that affects anyone else.


Hope you get better soon.



Thanks andrew for your story and ur wifes. Terrible whate happened to her. Hope she gets even better over time. Yes i did consider insurance for a while now but being on a pension theres always something more urgent to spend money on.
I will look into it again if any money blOws past my way again plus ask here pn this for advice ;0) awful tired after a full day at rpa so cant type anymore. Appreciate everyones input

Sigh.....  Forget this nothion of suing.  As you have admitted several times your own ignorance and lack of skill on the bike caused this.  Shit happens, heal up, get better and learn from the experience.  The public health system is great what more do you want?  

Wow thats the most unuseful comment i have heatd. I didnt admit shit and if u read that into what i said i dont care. You sigh means u have impatience and i cant care about that either. Asfor my skill or lsck thereof as u imply my answer is how the hell do u know either way. Were u there? As for the medical system it is a flawed load of crap. No pne is healed by doctors but i did appreciate the minimal attention i finally received. Final point is to keep ur negativity to ur self ok. I am a grown woman and not a teen to b told shit


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