So I saw these Halfbikes on my Youtube feed. Video below.

Occasionally I'll use a small fold-up kick scooter for short trips (eg: to the shops) because I can ride on the footpath and don't need a helmet. The Halfbike seems to be a bit of a cross between a bike and scooter, and looks like it could be useful for short trips. It wouldn't be a bike replacement, but more of a "range extender" for walking trips.

Currently unmotorised scooters are allowed on footpaths and are not subject to MHL's - so where does the Halfbike fit in this continuum? Like a scooter, you stand rather than sit.

Any thoughts?

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That's a bicycle under NSW regs:

"bicycle means a vehicle with 2 or more wheels that is built to be propelled by human power through a belt, chain or gears (whether or not it has an auxiliary motor).."

There's also this bit though, 

but does not include:

(c)  a wheelchair, wheeled recreational device, wheeled toy, or
This bit is what makes things like scooters and skateboards exempt. Is it a wheeled recreational device?

Also - Pedal Cars and Pedicabs seem to be able to work around the bicycle definition. How is this done?

good question, it seems fairly explicit:

bicycle means a vehicle with 2 or more wheels that is built to be propelled by human power through a belt, chain or gears (whether or not it has an auxiliary motor), and includes:

(a)  a pedicab, penny-farthing and tricycle, and

Don't pedal cars just have a helmet exemption? Same for pedicabs but only for passengers.

The half-bike is a bike for sure. Compare it to trials bikes without saddles, not much difference.

scooter or skatey dont have a chain, belt or or gears though so the case is clearer. The pedal cars and pedicabs though do so  who knows?  I wonder edthis to when I saw the clip for this a few weeks back. Wheeled toys are also not allow on certain speed limited roads.

you could be right.. the distinction seems to be transport vs. recreation.

wheeled recreational device means a wheeled device, built to transport a person, propelled by human power or gravity, and ordinarily used for recreation or play, and:

(a)  includes rollerblades, rollerskates, a skateboard, scooter, unicycle or similar wheeled device, but
(b)  does not include a golf buggy, pram, stroller or trolley, a motor-assisted device (whether or not the motor is operating), or a bicycle, wheelchair or wheeled toy.

wait so you don't have MHL on a unicycle? Right, where's my angle grinder!

(Just kidding, I wouldn't cut my bike in half, I'd just buy n+1)

the speed these can reach also seem to inform these groupings (although rollerbaldes and skateboards can go pretty quick)

146 kph on a skateboard

the bracketed section was for you Colin :)

I am just amazed at the size of the boardwalk in the video.  Compare that to Barangaroo 


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