I am after a coffee cup holder for my bike. I have seen a couple of examples on the web but can't find a local place to buy them. I have 31.8 mm handlebars so need it to fit over these.

I have found a good one made by Felt but my local store, inner city cycles dont have it.

Does anyone know where I can get one from?

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Down the cheap end of the market is this for $20 from Reid bikes (possibly in Camperdown store near you).

Available as an Electra accessory in various colours - they look very similar to the Reid one. Price is $30. Electra stuff is usually good quality. The only Electra dealer I know is at Manly, but there are others.

My local bike shop had an anodized imported aluminium one for $80 so I made my own out of an old coat hanger. Have subsequently them for several friends.

Have you got a picture of one?


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