... when we were heading off to the clinic and the 5 yo was willing to forego playing the ipad (during the wait at the clinic) for a bike ride instead ! 


 (I did carry a slingbag in the end so my sanity was kept intact during the wait  and this post isn't just (one of my (more)) crazed ramblings !)


Edit : oh yes, the whole point of this topic is an invitation for you to add to it :)




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... the hum the chain makes when you change up to the highest gear. I've ridden three bikes and they all make the same sound. Audible adrenalin.
The clatter of the peloton clipping in when the light turns green.
Making mates unexpectedly when out for a ride and...
Seconded. (Also, reading this thread because I'm stranded with flat tyre and no spare) hurry up ferry!
He he, pleading for a spare tube is one way to make a new friend.
seeing my grandson learning to master his balance bike
xtracycling downhill with my 3 and 5yo's on board yelling 'faster mum, faster!'
...being at Ausbike last weekend and speaking to a man who is giving up his job to go cycling around Australia for three years. Also seeing lots of women turn up on bikes with their little babies in tow. It was great to see how people have made cycling fit their lifestyle rather than their lifestyle fit cycling.
Riding my fixie in the draft of a much stronger rider on a geared bike.


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