Biking in nature: the Caffarella Valley

For bicycle fans wanting to plunge into nature the Caffarella Valley is the ideal place for a full-immersion experience. The trail is easy, mainly level, suitable for children and linked to the Via Cristoforo Colombo Cycle Path.

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The Appian way – Route 1

In the three kilometres between the Park headquarters(Porta S.Sebastiano is just before these) and Cecilia Metella's mausoleum we find S.Callisto's catacombs, the Basilica di S.Sebastiano, with its catacombs, Romolo's mausoleum with the remains of Massenzio's villa and the Villa Imperiale circus.

Main Features: historic monuments
Length: 6 km
Difficulty : suitable for all

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The Appian way – Route 2

Thanks to the rennovation work on the Appia Antica it is now back to its original size and is viable as far as the Grande Raccordo Anulare ringroad. You can immerge yourself in Roman history whilst riding through the countryside.

Main Features: history, scenery
Length: 17 km
Difficulty : for fit cyclists

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The Appian Way – Route 3

For those who feel in very good shape it’s possible to go by bike up to Frattocchie where the Appian Way gives way to Via Appia Nuova. The Appian Way reappears again in Albano, inside the Park of Castelli Romani. Through the X and XI mile, beyond Comune di Roma boundaies, after crossing Via Capanne di Marino with great care, you can cycle near vineyards and archaeological ruins until the railway underpass. The archaeological area of Santa Maria delle Mole starts here, after crossing Via della Repubblica you can continue to climb the last kilometre to the Lazio’s Vulcan.

Typology: historical route in a characteristic landscape.
Distance: km 32
Difficulty: just for well-trained cyclists

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The Aqueducts

From any entrance of the Aqueducts area it is very easy to find the main path where you can walk or cycle for the entire itinerary. We suggest you to go through the entire route as every stretch of the path hides lots of suggestive landscapes and historical spots.

Typology: naturalistic and historical route in a characteristic landscape.
Distance: km 7
Difficulty: easy

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• For the sake of convenience the routes proposed all set off from the Park headquarters where bicycles can be hired at weekends and holidays (this service is shortly to be extended to weekdays too). We would like to remind those coming from close to the Park that the headquarters are about 3 km from the Colosseum.
• Length indicates the whole round trip.
• Some of the routes proposed are on public roads open to traffic: we advise you to keep to the right and take particular care crossing.
• On Sundays and public holidays via Appia Antica is shut to private vehicles from 9.00 to 16.00 in the winter and from 9.00 to 18.00 in spring and summer.
On the stretches of via Appia Antica paved with the original flagstones we advise you to dismount.

- sounds fun ! a real cobblestone experience?

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Any update on this? I'm looking to ride all the way from Rome to Puglia and would like to stay close to the original route.



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