Has anyone successfully locked their bike somewhere at Sydney Domestic Terminal before?

I'm catching a flight to adelaide for the day tomorrow and I was wondering whether there was anywhere to lock your bike at sydney domestic terminal??

Would prefer a bike rack for security, and also so that no enthusiastic airport security officials decide it's not meant to be there and confiscate/explode it...

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I rode my bike to Sydney airport this weekend and left it tied up for two nights. Not a problem, their are plenty of railings and places to attach your bike. I suppose the things to consider are, do you require a shower and how much luggage you have.

Cycling there this weekend saved me two cab fares worth about 80 bucks.

I would sugguest that anybody considering cycling just do it and having now done it, I will be going to the airport when I can by bike
At the international terminal, I have parked in the same spot for 6 years (I work there) I ride right up to the entrance to C pier and lock it 2 steel girders away under a camera. There are bikes parked within about 20 mtres in all directions. It is also safe on the ground floor of the new multi story car park. Never had anything taken nor touched nor been questioned by security.
The official bike rack is at the northern end of the terminal but it is usually full and is so out of the way I wouldn't leave my bike there.
In reality there are very few opportunist bike thieves flying in and out, so basically anywhere with lots of foot traffic nearby is safe. though putting it under a camera looks a bit risky after the Bikie murder last week.
The opportunist theives can't walk in, if they ride in they'd have to leave the other bike behind and if they drive in, it would cost them more in parking than they would get from flogging the bike.  Must be the safest place in Sydney to leave a bike!!
But there's a train.
True, but it is a very expensive station to get off on, and there are cameras everywhere, believe me I've seen some of the footage. It isn't impossible but I agree it's probably the most unlikely spot for a committed bicycle thief to go looking for bikes to steel.

Having a look on Streetview I found this bike parked at the overseas terminal.

Maybe these are supposed to be bike racks?


Yes... left it there for about three weeks... against a tree that is planted in the grassy bit by the corner of the very last road/driveway on the left as you come up to the taxi stand atdom departures
Incidentally, all the bike racks I saw at Heathrow airport were full (big covered area near the front doors). I also saw lots of employees cycling between terminals too on shared paths so I suspect it would mostly have been airport employees bikes. I also saw a huge car lot with Go-Get style share cares for airport employees to use to get too and from work.


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