Has Australia turned? - People are letting their kids bike to school themselves

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No principal or p&c has the power to dictate how children get to school. Otherwise there would be lots of principals banning children coming in cars. There are times when the school’s power does extend to outside of school grounds but that is to do with behaviour and things like bullying. THere are no policies that allow for principals or schools to ban cycling. In fact, if they did they are actually going against the dept if Education’s active travel charter. 

If you want your school to change, then join your school’s p&c. If you need anymore advice pm me. 

I am also aware of some school requiring kids to sign a bike/scooter licence. To do this the kids declare they know all the road rules. I don't know the ALL the road rules and have been driving for many years.

That's reasonable request and it's never too early to learn to lie and an essential skill if one is going to aspire to operate a car

Case in point, watch to the 1:08 mark


My son's primary school has ~700 students. I estimate from bicycles sighted on the grounds that less than 5 students ride.
I take my son(s) on my Surly Big Dummy.

I am an alien & I am treated as such.

years ago we used to have cycling days at school with mocked up intersections and the like. In 7 years since my eldest started school they've had 2 cycling days, which is a handful of small obstacles for skills practice, but 0 road craft or road rules components. There's maybe 20 kids out of school of 900 that cycle, and every student is within a 4km radius.

then again we have police regularly park in the no stopping zone outside the school and never leave there cars. Got a nice photo last week of a range rover parked in no stopping right in front of the police, again they'd rather chat to someone than do anything. They don't add to safety at all and by this sort of action I'd say they give approval to the poor driver behaviour.

The principal has said in the school newsletter he has no power outside the gates other than to ask that parents drive safely and obey the rules. hasn't had much effect though


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