Has the 1m rule made motorists better behaved?

There has been a lot of discussion on there about the negative impacts the new regulations will have on cycling, but not much on the positive.

To be sure, overall this package of measures is anti-cycling, will reduce cyclists numbers, increase police harassment and make cycling more dangerous.

But has that one glimmer of positivity - the 1m passing rule - made any difference to driver behaviour that you can detect?

I think that it might have. I just sense that cars are giving me a bit more room. They seem less likely to squeeze past me when I'm going past parked vehicles, for example, instead waiting for the road to clear and for me to move over.

I have now fitted a 'passcam' to my bike - a camera angled down at the front, which takes in the wheels and the adjacent road. I then used it to measure a 1m distance from the right-most point of my handlebars - it's the yellow line in the picture, where the tape measure reaches to (the paper says '1m', but it didn't come out in the bright sun.

Since doing this, I've only had one pass that felt uncomfortably close:

There was plenty of room for the van to pull out further, and he felt much closer to me that I would like.

Overlaying the two pictures reveals this:

So it seems the van was giving me the requisite 1m. This just underlines to me how 1m is really not adequate, even at relatively low speeds. 

Still, it seems on the whole motorists are being conservative, and for the most part leaving much more room than that.

Hopefully it will continue, and motorists will not become blase after a few months of no enforcement. Of course, a few high-profile blitzes would then help to reinforce the message again, but I'm not holding my breath. Much easier to ping cyclists for not having a bell...

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Yes like the b double driver who can't give a metre because this is impossible on a blind corner going at 110km/h. Wonder how that line would wash in court.

Any reason given for non-enforcement? 

Will they be enforcing the punitive rules against cyclists? If so, why?

What rules do they enforce to make it safer for cyclists? 

"Also mentioned something about " maybe when cyclists start paying rego", but I didn't take the bait"

Blimey. I suspect I would have. And if that's even somewhat representative of the views of your average copper, we really don't stand a chance of having cycling related issues taken seriously.

Back in the days when Noah was a boy, my law lecturer spoke of charging plod for "neglect of duty" when they deliberately did this sort of failure in enforcing the law. I don't know whether it is still a possibility,  but it may be an interesting situation if the cycling community collected all of the videos of bad passes and lodged a class action against the Police Commissioner for failing to ensure that the police enforced the law. However,  that could also be a two edged sword!

I know I would have taken the bait, well done on the restraint but a complaint is in order to the commissioner of police.  These are the people enforcing our laws,  would people tolerate it if a person is the victim of domestic violence and the Sargent said she deserved it.  - double standards

Shouldn't the 1m be from your widest point (i.e. shoulders) and not the centre line of your bike?

Yeah thats what I was wondering about - in your description you say its measured from the right most point of your bars, but your picture seems to indicate you are measuring from the centre line of your bike?

Yeah I thought the 1M yellow line was a bit too close and I started to mockup a photoshop overlay using the above pictures. You can clearly see the 40 inch mark on the tape measure and 1M from the handlebars is basically the outside of the yellow line, so that van was definitely 1M away from the handlebars.

This highlights two issues. 1. These cameras don't convey an accurate perception, they fisheye and distort the image. 2. A 1M gap at 60km/h is nowhere near far enough away not to scare you or be and feel dangerous - I'd like to drive my Toyota Land Cruiser at 60kmh 1M away from Duncan Gay and all these traffic sergeants who won't enforce the law and see how safe they think it is.

I added half of the width of the bars to one metre, and then  measured from the centre. It was easier than trying to position to tape measure underneath the end point of the bars

So the tape measure is extended I think 1.27m, from memory.

It is from the widest point,  which could be the right elbow if you ride with that protruding, as I do.

i'll repeat my experiences from other threads. On Saturday morning in a short section of about 600m with 2 pinch points, 2 pedestrian crossings and 2 speed humps I had a car on my tail yelling at me - how were they to leave a metre if I didn't get out of their way.

Yesterday I had 6 close shaves in a 22km journey - probably more than in the last 3 years combined on that route, and one car who sat behind me as I was indicating right (and had done since before they took that lane) take off with tires screeching not a foot away from me. I took my bike home on the train.

The comments form the traffic commander were incredibly irresponsible and have encouraged some to regard it as a game to see how close they can get. By targeting cyclists for no particular reason they have stirred up anti cycling sentiment and there has never been a more dangerous time on NSW roads to ride a bike.

My experience so far is no.

My first ride on Wednesday morning included a close pass in a 70 zone by the police.

This morning the cyclist in front almost got cleaned up by a truck. I fully didn't expect to see him upright when the truck cleared

I'm sorry, but as far as I can see the whole "safety" package is little more than sick joke.


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