Hassling other riders is bad enough. Doing so when you're in the wrong is worse. And doing so in dangerous, fast multi lane traffic is pure evil.

This morning I came across Sydney's stupidest yet most obnoxious cyclist.

If anyone thinks they know this bloke, (description below) get him to read this thread so he can reflect on his stupidity. My concern is that if he repeats this rubbish on an inexperienced cyclist at this location, there could be a serious accident or fatality.

I was riding to work along the fast multi-lane section of Oxford St adjacent to the top of Centennial Park. This is a heavily used commuter cycling corridor, despite the fact that it is a difficult piece of road for cycling.

You've got 6+ lanes of fast moving cars and buses. The limit is 60, but most of them do 70.

And cyclists continuing on Oxford st (which is the majority) have to do a challenging lane change to get across to the right when the road forks at Moore Park Road.

So I'm riding along here, at a decent pace around 45kph. I notice that someone I don't know has started drafting me. I can see his shadow.

A few hundred metres before the intersection, I sit up, start my head checks and arm signals to merge across into a clear lane.

This bloke is still drafting and he's in my lane, but offset to my right hand side. Basically just over my right shoulder. If I do my lane change, his front wheel is at risk of causing an accident. I advise him I'm changing lanes, have my arm out in the clearest possible signal, still doing the head check.

I say again, "dude ease off, I'm changing lanes here".

A rider with half a brain would ease up for 2 seconds and pass me on the left. But no, this guy stays bolted on my right shoulder.

Then I said something like "use your brain", and he hesitates for a second. I get my lane change in, and then the road starts forking.

Then, I kid you not, he whips out his waterbottle and pathetically tries to squirt me. Like a toddler with a waterpistol but in 6 lanes of traffic.

But across 2 lanes, at 30+ kph it didn't go close to hitting me.

I actually laughed for a second - I think he got it on himself. But then I thought, given this location and the traffic, - this guy could cause a fatal bike accident.
Not a laughing matter.

What's wrong with this city? Angry guys like this individual throw king hits in nightclubs etc. 

It's also like the people that throw shit at cyclists out of pick-up trucks. Brain dead, and I don't think they realise how dangerous it is. 

So, description:

Black felt  LOOK roadbike. Full black kit

Male, 30's, with a mangy Willie Nelson style beard.

I had the Fly 6 running, plus a front camera. I've only pulled off a quick still image from the front, but haven't looked at the Fly6 footage. I'll post the video in the next couple of days.

Like I said, if anyone thinks they know this bloke, get him to read this thread so he can reflect how idiotic and dangerous this is.

Update 29/7 Video

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Maybe he thought he was incognito in his black beemer or something, it defies belief. Trouble is this could lend weight to calls for number plates  and rego etc.

Not the first time I've seen aggressive behaviour from a Sydney roadie (posted another example a couple weeks back). Poor form and disappointing as this could really scare off a new rider and even worse, cause a serious accident. 

Hopefully he gets some anger management help (the fresh air and 2 wheels obviously isn't helping) and thankfully didn't cause any damage to you! 

I'm hearing lots of "it's too intimidating riding a bike in Sydney" and sadly, a lot of this refers not to the traffic, but to other riders. (Just based on personal experience and comments by friends etc). 

Hopefully he gets some anger management help (the fresh air and 2 wheels obviously isn't helping) and thankfully didn't cause any damage to you! 

Actually that's a really good point - perhaps be thankful he sitting on your wheel, getting some air and exercise, rather than listening to 2GB verbal diarrhoea in his Tamarama Tractor (which would of course, be all black, and used for carrying his Look (at me) bike to do laps of CP! ;-)


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