Have you bought sold sent a bike interstate?

I've been looking around gumtree and eBay for some 2nd hand bikes and noticed some really attractive bikes that are too far to pick up.
What are good and easy options?
Some sellers mention http://www.e-go.com.au/ but I'm not familiar with the process.
Surely someone on SydneyCyclist would have gone through a similar process before and can shed some light.

Since we are on this topic, what about selling a bike? How would you package, deliver a bike to increase your 'catchment' pool?

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I've used our work courier for both (pick ups and dispatch), and just paid the petty cash tin when the bill's come in. For the former it required having the sender to box everything up and be emailed the con note which they attached to the box, then rang the courier company to advise when it was ready to be picked up. It took a bit of organising and you have to rely on them a) show some love when boxing the bike up and b) meet the courier company requirements (i.e. attach the paperwork, contact them, make sure they and the box are there for collection etc).

A better option might be to find a local bike shop they can drop it off at and have them box and send it, and you pay the bike shop directly. I know some bike shops offer the service and as a rough rule of thumb expect to pay about $50 for having it boxed and then $50-100 for the courier. That being said our courier charges about $32 for their "road express" service (overnight to metro Bris or Melbourne) for a bike.

When I've sold a bike and shipped it I just picked up a bike box and a bag load of the foam protection and bubble wrap from my LBS - I reckon I use about three times as much as each new bike comes with, because absolutely everything gets wrapped. Add one role of electrical tape and knock yourself out. Seal the lid of the box with packing tape about six times across and along each edge.

Ask your LBS to put a box aside for you where they don't flatten it, this way it will have more structural integrity from the staples still being intact in the bottom. I then advertised it as being "professionally boxed up and shipped at cost" and gave an indication of the expected cost: $50 packing fee and ~$35 delivery to Bris or Melb; contact me for a quote to other destinations.

Great tips for selling a bike, quite a bit of effort on the part of the seller.

I guess that's why most listings are PICK UP only.

Yep, although it's not really that much effort - even if doing a "local pick up only" you've still got to coordinate with the buyer, which is probably about as much work as dropping it off at a LBS.

But the good thing about not many people doing it is that IF you do, you're one of the few sellers appealling to the nation-wide pool of potential buyers.

When I've sold-&-shipped, I find it's not hassle to get a box (just phone the LBS earlier in the week and pick it up on the way home from work on late night shopping Thursday) and then about half an hour to pack it, put it in the back of the car, and drop it off at the mail room on Friday morning, our mail man looks after the rest. For all of this service I charge $50 (plus courier fee) which is probably about an hour of my time.

I have bought two in Melbourne, lower prices and better availability was the reason.


I was down there for work so just paid $15 for a bike box on Qantas.

lower prices and better availability

That's what I'm finding too, 

Drat, domestic travel isn't as frequent for me these days.

dishlicker bus?

Seem to move boxed bikes about and offering 20% off. I guess getting the bike to the right depot may be tricky


I heard about Greyhound before too. but can't find out experiences.

It's crazy how hard every option seems

Needing to box up the bike, taking measurements, getting a quote.

Too hard basket , it seems the best option is to call on mates in other states as a conduit.

We ship a few bikes around the country using transdirect.com.au  They offer a few options for each booking (with the cheapest couriers) the label gets emailed to your seller to print and stick to the box.  Still needs boxing though.

Cheaper than most options I find.


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