Have you seen MAMILs in your area? It'd be hard not to (ABC & Medical Journal of Australia)

I have not looked at the quoted original article but I find it had to believe some of the numbers quoted, at least in my area, perhaps they all live and ride on the North Shore with Neil A, or maybe I get up too late

13% of men 45-64 riding at least once per week??

https://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-12-10/have-you-seen-mamils-in-your...  and

the Medical Journal of Australia has published research in to MAMILs

I am not sure I like the "silly season edition" implied put down though. Affluent 45-64 year olds should be taken more seriously.

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count the number of dads who go for a ride with their kids in the park on occasion.. the number is not that surprising at all.

I realise its tongue in cheek - but the MJA and Mr Bauman et. al can go root a boot as far as I'm concerned.

I guess its ok to ridicule a section of the community as long as they're 'affluent', middle-aged men.

So, we have men that have bodies that are beginning to fail them (bad knees anyone) and have doctors telling them that they need to get out and do more low impact exercise. So they get a bike and discover joys they had thought were lost long ago. They soon realise that the crappy BigW bike they got is causing more pain to their bodies, so they go and invest in good equipment. On their properly fitted rides, they discover more joys and begin to travel further - all the while their weekend clothes are starting to get the stink that results from long sweaty summer days on a bike. They then decide to get clothing that is purpose engineered for long sweaty summer days on a bike (as well as saving their other clothes). They become fitter, stronger, happier men. They're enjoying life again and it shows.

THEN... the media and the haters step in and start labelling them as MAMILS and consider them a joke. Gotta love this country, where "they" would rather see us with type 2 diabetes and being dependent on drugs to get through life.

The majority who criticise are those who are doing nothing to improve their own health 

"It finds these wannabe Cadel Evanses are likely to be affluent and while they may be weekend warriors, their cycling passion doesn't tend to extend to commuting by bike"

The ABC needs to be advised that this statement is discrimination.  This is way below the high standards we expect from the ABC

Apparently in today's society it isn't racist if the target is a white male.

An interesting link: https://www.humanrights.gov.au/what-racism-1 (could it be that while male bashing is in fact racism)

Nope - white men are completely valid targets. 


Human Rights Commission investigator Hyun Joo Lee's report said the phrase "angry white male" could apply to a large group of people ..

City of Sydney says that many of the big commercial buildings downtown have been spending up big on end of trip bike facilities, so someone is riding to work. Anyway, the weekend riders may be walking to work or taking the train. Pity the ABC tried to jazz up the report by Bauman like this.


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