A number of bicycle related projects on the Inner West Council Have Your Say site, including one on traffic effects of Westconnex and a couple of proposed bike routes, like an updated plan for West St to Marrickville Park. A chance to put green Bicycle stickers all over!

Re the Westconnex one, the Councilhas had a study done on what the effects on local streets might be, and are asking for comments on what could be done. Whether they would go as far as closing some rat runs or heavy traffic calming they don't say, but we could suggest! Eg, closing Hathern St bridge over Parramatta Rd near Tebbutt St would stop a lot of unnecessary traffic in Leichhardt.

Re West St, I've just realised the comments are closed, but you can see the final plan, which goes to the Traffic Cttee in December. Shared path up West St is a bit disappointing, but RMS and SydneyBuses would not apparently approve bike lanes- not enough room. BS I say. At least there is a bike crossing proposed on all four legs of the intersection at Parramatta Rd.

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Cripes, Fairfax article published today predicts that Haberfield and Ashfield will be the hardest hit, with an increase of more than 200 per cent on some local roads. The narrow streets of Ashfield are already hectic during peak hour, special mentions to Bland Street, Charlotte Street and Alt Street - the 50km/h speed limit seems excessive on such narrow streets. Most of the close passes i have experienced have been on Bland Street. 

Yup - the additional traffic and pollution will put a nix on cycling. I find rat runners to be the most aggressive motorists.

The extra traffic will probably also be used to stop any bicycle lanes going in - combination of too many cars and fewer people on bicycles.

Next up should be links to studies on the air pollution killing people. Lots of people, I read the increase in lung cancer is being attributed to air quality for the first time in Australia.



And they claim that the WestConnex will reduce traffic on streets

We are trying to get Bland St recognised as a north/south bike route, not too many other streets near there that you can cross Ptta Rd on. So please put a few comments in to the haveyoursay maps on the IWCouncil site above, or just email them direct. The Council recognises that some streets will be adversely affected and we should be pushing them to reduce traffic and make it hard to rest run, not allow traffic to increase.
Just plastered quite a few comments over the Haberfield and Ashfield Westconn map. Better facilities are needed now, never mind what Westconn might do. Just hope the Council doesn't go to water, as I Suspect they will, about reducing rat running.

The old Ashfield Council never produced a Bike Plan, so it is open to us to give Inner West Council some clues.

Thanks for the link, I have also added a comment to the Ashfield section. 

There are maps for Leichhardt and Marrickville too, for cyclists who know those streets.
Link to the Herald story. Don't know why the Council didn't publish the report itself.
Thinking the council should have done more about rat running years ago. Now it's all coming home to roost. The Mayor can't blame Westconnex completely, local residents are probably well up there when it comes to rat running. Need some road closures and diversions to get cars onto perimeter roads and make it harder to use most local streets. Not popular I'm sure.


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