If you are one of the hundreds of Sydney Cyclists who meet at or ride via HORNSBY enroute to Mona Vale Road, the Two or Three Gorges Rides, Pie in the Sky, or you do epic rides to Central Coast and Newcastle

OR You just like an easy pedal along Somerville and Galston Road

OR Some rough and tumble on the many bushland firetrails hugging all the contours below suburbia,

YOU need to put in a good word or two (before March 28th) for cycling regarding the new Hornsby Park-aka OMV Quarry, and also the 'Active Living Hornsby Strategy.' if you haven't done so already, click on the link, look at the research & resources provided, and have your say.


You can also draw, or put together some photos to illustrate your ideas for all of this. Here's my brightly-coloured scrawl of a 'map' I submitted for some inspiration...

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Absolutely brilliant!

Some results from the survey are up on the council now, and were on display at the Hornsby markets today.


Mountain biking featured strongly in the responses.


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