Are people really planning on riding home in this heat....CBD to Seaforth and don't really fancy it at the moment but don't fancy hanging around until it cools down (to 30) either....

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Hate to think what the trains must be like this arvo...

I rode home in the heat, and I'm really glad that it rained when I got to Observatory Hill.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Hot. Yes but the thunderstorm helped on the way home.

Yeah, copped the downpour down the BSCW through Surry Hills, wet and cool the rest of the way home. Temp on computer was 38deg as I pulled into driveway, seems about right compared with the reading from the Airport.

Glad I'm not on the train.

I am about to leave Ashfield now. The change is not here but it seems much better now.

If I come across Mr Abbott I'll ask him how come its sooooooo hot.

Was riding round on the cargo bike this morning. When I went to go do the grocery shopping this afternoon I found I had a flat. Couldn't find any source for the puncture, so I blame the heat. In order to do the tube repair I needed to hang the bike off the ground. I did this in my so-called workshop, which is a tin shed in the back yard. It was easily over 50 degrees in there, the sweat was pooling on the ground when I was working.

It is so hot, I'm going to bung two more cages forward of the fork.

How do empty bidon cages affect the temperature? ;-)


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