Are people really planning on riding home in this heat....CBD to Seaforth and don't really fancy it at the moment but don't fancy hanging around until it cools down (to 30) either....

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Replies to This Discussion - judging by this it wont get down to 30degrees till 3am.

I finished work at 1pm. I decided that rather than ride home in the hottest part of the day I would catch the bus. The bus engine overheated and everyone had to get off and wait for a new one to come.

Even walking to the shops to buy ice cream at lunch was a bit much so I think I'll get the train home tonight.

drive to work day

Apparent temp is about 36 according to BOM, due to the dry air. So may be bearable for a short commute into the breeze. Have stayed in all day with everything shut and it is nudging 30 inside. Might go round the block to test my theory.
Ferry to Manly would be good option for north siders.
Gawd, it is hot! Not bad if you can find a shady avenue or a path through a park with a steady breeze, but out in the open it is pretty fierce. Bourke St would be good.

We'll see... I rode 205km on Saturday of which 3.25 hours were after midday, so hey... I have 2x1L bidons. More worried about tires sticking to bitumen.

Wanted my wife and son to have access to the car in case emergency aircon was needed.

36° average according to my garmin.

Ridden in apparently worse heat.

My commute back is relatively easy compared to getting to work.

In preparation for today I brought in the 750ml water bottle plus  a change of cycling top and knicks , but it looks like I can use the same set. 

At this stage I think taking a deep drink of water before getting on the bike but will check if there is any train outage as an option.

Current at 05.10PM, 08 January 2013

Some trains on the North Shore, Northern, Western and Newcastle & Central Coast lines are delayed up to 20 minutes due to urgent signal and track repairs at various locations.

(edit  : up to 20 additional minutes on top of my regular  trip of 1 hour, with very many sweaty stressed out people? I'll take my chances on my bike and chant "Cunnamulla" - thanks ) 

never count your chickens before they hatch.

so I strolled out at 730pm with steely determination and 750mls of chilled water, plotting my consistently 50 minute commute... reached my bike and.....

.....a rear flat!

after stuffing around a bit trying to fix the puncture it was still giving a very slow leak. 

It was 835pm by the time I finally gave up and rolled the bike to the train station....

add 10 minutes for the next train

add 20 minutes for the train swap.

add 7 minutes for another delay

meant I got home just about 1010

Now....coincidence? I think not!

I just got home after pulling the pin early. Normal wool t shirt and baggies, no sweat as it is a Cunnamulla sea breeze. It is hot when you stop, so off for a swim with the kids and dog.


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