i am new to sydney, is it the law to have to wear a helmet?

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good one comic book guy...whats the fine if cops stop you?
No idea, but if a road/car/truck/bus/etc does it's pretty expensive.
It's about $50. I ride helmetless past cops every day and have only been fined once. They usually ignore it.
Do you think the cops are more or less likely to stop you if you are riding a MTB / hybrid wearing 'normal' clothes vs riding a road bike in full kit?

It's something I wonder about.
That guy came to my rescue once telling off a nasty taxi driver that was holding his horn down while following me up a stretch of Pitt St to a red light!

He was my hero for the day;)

I wish I was able to choose whether or not to wear a helmet.
Although I don't share Dave W's fetishistic attitude towards "freedom", seat belt laws are similar to bike helmets laws in an important respect - they are both ineffective.
Just curious Dave W. Are you also pro-choice for the medical system not to treat you for head injuries because of your pro-choice not to wear a helmet? :-)
I love it.

Billions of People around the world spend their whole life, cycling without helmets...

They finally come to Australia.

"Your stupid if you don't wear one" we say.

"Be prepared for the consequences." we say

Be prepared to have some twats send abuse your way buddy.

"Where's your bloody helmet! You idiot?"

So really? If i hit my head on something i might get a head injury?

Well thanks for the input guys.

You learn something everyday.
billions of people around the world live in third world conditions; no clean water, unsanitary waste disposal, fertilizing their gardens with human waste.

They come to australia and wonder why we tell them its stupid.

Back on topic, please not another helmet debate.. but if you don't want to wear one, consider the opinions of people who have stacked with and without helmets (such as fyxomatosis.com) and think about it.
I can not remember where I read this, but I believe that if you are of the Sikh religion you do not need to wear a helmet.
My experience is that if you're riding on the footpath, or in the gutter, or in the door zone, you won't be hassled. Cops seem to be like most other road-raging yobbos - they hate seeing a cyclist taking the lane, and if you're doing it sans helmet they're gonna pick on you.
Thanks Dave W. As always, an interesting response.

Having worked in senior management of the private hospital system for some time a few years ago, I would caution you on your apparent total reliance on the private health cover system. It is full of pitfalls, not the least of which are the time limits imposed for the treatments covered. It would be worthwhile for you to find out just how long you would be covered for hospitalization for a long term injury, and, say, to what extent/time limits/number of treatments would be covered for such services as rehabilitation, physio, etc. As with all insurance, things are not always as they appear!


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