Hi Guys,

I am looking for a helmet mounted light with a remote switch thats not an absolute monster cost. Purpose is for:

1. Descending in the dark.

2. Surveying sides on very, very country roads for fear of animals jumping in.

Need a remote switch if possible I suppose, or atleast easy to switch off. Main lights is lezyne 800 + exposure strada which work for everything else.


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Glad you were able to work out the programming to turn on your exposure on Saturday. No help for your immediate question but for your next bike / wheelset think dynamo as the best lights have excellent side coverage as well as forward which makes a helmet light unnecessary (although you are probably descending a good deal quicker than I do)

Been saving the exposure light for the long rides and its been so long, I actually forgot how to switch it on properly. :) The wideness is fine for me with the exposure. Its the direction of looking I'd like if possible.

No remote, but i found http://www.lightandmotion.com/choose-your-light/vis-360/vis-360 very easy to switch on and off while riding and at 5 hours at medium more than enough.

Used it during Newcastle Overnight descents which were in complete darkness with absolute confidence.

There's a plus version with more output and battery life as well ... i think mine isn't the plus version.

One of those buys I'm very pleased about.

Edit .... what's this? and a 'pro' version too..... Ooohhhhh......

This is the kind of thing I am thinking Peter, thanks! Is the beam very targeted? I am worried about  flashing on coming drivers, if I dont point my head that way it is unlikely to flash them isnt it?

Switch is on the top of the helmet?

Where did you get it from?

tl:dr : Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bMFj9IIXZEI   (starts at 46secs) 

Switch is at the top of the front light, you normally mount it at the front of the helmet , so not at the apex of the helmet  , basically you can see if the light hitting is your hand/gloves while you are changing modes or switching it off.

Yes, easy enough to swivel your head slightly away to avoid blinding cyclists coming from the other way if you so desire, never-mind drivers, which I think you probably want to glance or longer at them and get the beam to penetrate their mobile-phone consciousness through their illegally tinted windscreens

Also very easy to pivot the orientation of the light up or down with your fingers.

What I like about too, is you can easily detach the system for charging.

If I recall correctly, I got it from Pushys but I checked and they don't seem to carry any of the 360's range now, but Amazon has the base 360 model and it ships to Australia 


$78.48 delivered (probably in USD so approx AUD$100  still, that's under RRP)

If you are getting 360+ , you may as well get the newly released Pro version since they are the same price, the trouble is I can't see anywhere that delivers or allows online purchase.  If you find a way, let me know!

re: VIS PRO 600 lumens version

ah yes, of course. EBAY to the rescue


~ AUD 200 delivered , just a touch over the RRP from the website

Warning : currently ebay says it's the last one from this seller .... no promises I can resist... so be quick if you want it


Thanks Peter, appreciate all the info! I might just go for the standard one from Amazon I think, as I dont really need the helmet front light on all the time.

Appreciate the info :)

Most welcome Bhanu, and woohoo!

Head mounted Ayups?

Very expensive :( The other is a lot more cost effective with the rear light combo.

Have you tried something like the helmet lights (and battery), I fitted my Gemini Duo with its smaller battery to the helmet for an all night ride but half way took it off as it was just uncomfortable, too much weight even though maybe only 40 grams at front and 100 at back.


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