There's some damage on my thermal bibs (it's a patch about 2cm by 3cm)

Has anyone used something to fix a thermal bibs?

Doing some preliminary research points to possibly

a/ Gear Aid Tenacious Tape Repair Patches  


b/ Gore Tex repair kits

Any other options or tips?


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Back in my gliding days, the RAAFies used to swear by "instant airframe". I think that it was "gaffer tape", which I've used to repair torn pannier bags. The colour choices are a bit limited. 

Duct tape? Don't think it'll stand up to any stretching or washings , right?

I forgot to mention bibs are black.

Iron on or heat applied patches? Anything along thoses lines?

Yes I would go one of the black iron on repair patches from big w trimmed up to fit next to that seam with a overcoat of Tenacious Tape to keep the edges lifting.
Maybe bring them into these guys for what they think? They must repair some of the fleece type cross country ski gear that they hire out.

Yes Tenacious tape was on my original post too, but no one validated it could be used successfully on bibs with the stretch and washings.

Here you go, to my eternal internet embarrassment.... 

These are ¾ Bib Shorts with Thermoroubaix fabric

I guess that means thermals

I'm thinking a spray on or paint on waterproofing treatment - Try maybe Kathmandu or Macpac or Mountain Designs?

What happened? Hipflask of Grapa leak in your jersey pocket?  

Thanks, I wasn't aware they existed.

No idea how it happened. No crashes. Always washed in laundry bag and not used that much.

Maybe a tube of Canestan anti fungal might help:)

A nice hole or tear (depending on location) could be very "on trend"


I used Grip Aid Seam Seal on my 30 year old tent as the seam tape was coming off (nothing lasts these days), worked well on tent but lycra?? Patches might be ok but not surely on the inside, might be unsightly on the outside. Maybe a bit of lycra from a old unusable set of nics that could be bonded to the outside with seam seal? It does stay slightly tacky for a while (weeks) but not really sticky


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