Help Plan the Future of Crows Nest - submissions/ online survey by 16-11-2014

Mentioned in the St Leonards thread, but I thought it could do with a bump.

The online survey only takes a minute, provides a chance to ask for lower speed limits and bike lanes/paths. I know this council probably won't do much, and the RMS probably want to do even less, but I think bicycle paths along either side of the Pacific Highway would be a Good Thing.

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With the survey, if you have time I'd encourage providing more detail.

Examples .....

1. eliminate the bicycle dangerous 'S' lane on the Pacific Highway at Albany St by providing a 1.5m wide bike lane through the intersection. 

2. provide bicycle lanes on the Pacific Highway ..... it is currently used as a through route, when it should be primarily for access to so many properties in the region. Just hundreds of metres away is the Warringah Freeway with its much higher design / safety standards.

3. modifications to any street must provide safe access for those who wish to ride a bicycle. No more narrow travel lanes as occurred about a decade ago on Willoughby Road (particularly southbound on the uphill climb). No more access restrictions ..... same road between the Pacific Highway and Burlington St. Hopefully with a few bike-friendly staff now the bullying we experienced by 3 of their staff a decade ago will no longer occur.


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